‘We’ll Never Be Rested’ Strikes a Chord with New Parents

Maybe being a parent isn’t quite as cool as being a 17-year-old pop music star, but these Laurentian parents have certainly struck a popular chord with their mommy-and-daddy peers.

Josh Stearns ’00 and his wife Erica Carlson of Easthampton, Mass., took the popular song “Royals” by the young New Zealander Lorde and rewrote the lyrics to fit their now hectic lifestyle – of raising young children. The couple then had their friend and Stearns' classmate Lisa Hillary Schmidt ’00 of Salt Lake City, Utah, sing their new interpretation called “We’ll Never Be Rested.”

While the Stearns’ version hasn’t quite reached the same level of stardom as the original, the remake has garnered a lot of attention recently. It has earned nearly 300,000 plays on SoundCloud, has been the buzz all around parenting circles on sites such as The Bump and BabyCenter and it has even begun breaking through into traditional media as well. Toronto’s Kiss 92.5 featured an audio clip of the song on its website, and CNN’s Headline News interviewed Stearns about this song during the program “News Now.”

Listen to “We’ll Never Be Rested” here and follow along with the lyrics on the Huffington Post.