Workers Finishing Roof, Exterior on New Residence Hall

With the shell of the building nearly complete and a skeleton roof to work under, construction crews continue to make notable progress on construction of the new residence hall, which is schedule for occupancy by August 2014.

“The decking and the insulation for the roof have been completed,” said Daniel Seaman, St. Lawrence University’s chief facilities officer. “We’re getting ready to install a standing seam metal roof, which is going to look really nice.”

In addition to completing the roof over the next several weeks, construction workers have nearly finished installing the exterior stonework. The stone originates from a New York State quarry, which is contributing to the sustainability of the building by saving on transportation fuel costs, Seaman said.

The building’s windows have also arrived and are currently awaiting installation.

“The push now is to get the building closed in,” Seaman said. “We’d like to get the windows put in by December 1st, before it gets too much colder. That will allow them to continue to work inside through the entire winter.”

Temporary heat will provide warm working conditions as workers move inside to focus on the interior construction. 

“We’re working on a lot of the utilities now, such as water, electrical, storm drains and plumbing,” Seaman said. “Everything is moving along as scheduled.”

Construction workers have already begun framing the inside walls, shaping many of the rooms that will be located on the first-floor level. 

The drilling of 24 geothermal wells was completed earlier this month. Workers are now installing an underground thermal loop and connecting it to the building, which will provide year-round heating and cooling to the new residence hall. The well field and piping will be covered with a minimum of five feet of soil and will be graded to blend in with the area surrounding the building. The geothermal heating units will not become operational until the building opens in August.

Construction of the residence hall, which is being built on the former road and parking lot between the Noble Center and the Quad, began in April. The residence hall will be home to as many as 155 students when it opens for the fall 2014 semester.

As of Nov. 18, the University has raised $6.5 million toward the projected total construction cost of $14 million.

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