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Personal Property Insurance

Students assume ALL responsibility for any loss or damage to their personal property. The University does not assume any responsibility for any such loss or damages regardless of the circumstances. Accordingly, we encourage students to make sure that they have insurance coverage to protect their property. If your property is not covered under a parent’s insurance policy, we strongly encourage you to purchase a renters insurance policy. St. Lawrence University encourages students and families to compare multiple options to find the best coverage and rate for their situation based on their current insurance policies. Although not specifically endorsed by the University, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. specializes in renters insurance for college students and is one option to consider for independent renters insurance, separate from other policies in your family:

Note that some college student renters insurance companies may also sell tuition insurance, it is important to note that the University does partner specifically with A.W.G. Dewar, Inc to provide Tuition Refund plans to All full time matriculated undergraduate students enrolled at St. Lawrence University. Additional details on this plan can be found here: