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Green Living

At St. Lawrence, sustainability — meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs — is a goal for everyone. We recognize that our surroundings, both natural and built, are influenced and impacted by our actions. Living sustainably, or "going green," doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change your entire lifestyle – even small changes can have big impacts. As a Laurentian you will have so many opportunities to explore what going green means to different people from different places. Futhermore, as a member of this community you’re uniquely positioned to lead, engage, and to inspire others.

We invite you to explore the St. Lawrence Green Guide. The Green Guide is written with the intention of promoting easy ways for you to reduce your environmental footprint and to learn about unique green features at the University. To learn more about sustainability, or how to get invovled, please vist the St. Lawrence Green Pages.