General Education - Social Sciences

Courses that fulfill the Social Sciences (SS) requirements
Courses offered in FALL 2018. Check the Course Catalog for descriptions and requisite information. Not all courses may be offered each semester.  This list may not be complete, so please check the course catalog in APR 2.0 for an updated listing.

Courses in bold are appropriate for first-year students

African Studies
AFS 225           Peoples & Cultures of Africa (ANTH 225; also counts for DIV13)
AFS 291           SEM: Comparative Politics (GOVT 291)
AFS 3039         Advanced French (also counts for LANG)
AFS 425           Environmental Conservation Africa (ANTH 425; also counts for EL)

ANTH 101        Intro to Human Origins
ANTH 102        Cultural Anthropology (also counts for DIV13)
ANTH 103        Intro to Archaeology
ANTH 104        Language & Human Experience (also counts for DIV13)

ANTH 215        Science & Pseudoscience in Archaeology
ANTH 225        Peoples & Cultures of Africa (AFS 225; also counts for DIV13)
ANTH 241        Talking Politics
ANTH 365        Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 4011      Social Life of Ancient Things
ANTH 425        Environmental Conservation Africa (AFS 425)
ANTH 430        Advances in Biological Anthropology

Asian Studies
ASIA 120         Comparative Politics (also counts for DIV13)
ASIA 222         Asian Political Economy in the Global Age (GS 222)
ASIA 244         Musics of South Asia (MUS 244)
ASIA 324         Asia: Beyond the Great Wall (GOVT 324)

Caribbean and Latin American Studies
CLAS 264         Environmental Movements (also counts for EL)
CLAS 337         Torture, Truth, & Memory (GOVT 337)

ECON 100        Intro to Economics

EDUC 203        Contemporary Issues in Education

Environmental Studies
ENVS 187        Environment and Society (SOC 187; also counts for EL)

GOVT 103       Intro to American Politics (GOVT 103W is Writing Intensive)
GOVT 105       Comparative Politics (GOVT 105W is Writing Intensive; also counts for DIV13)
GOVT 108       Intro to International Relations

GOVT 206       Political Theory (PHIL 206; GOVT 206W is Writing Intensive)
GOVT 230       African Politics
GOVT 290       SEM: American Politics
GOVT 291       SEM: Comparative Politics
GOVT 293       SEM: International Politics
GOVT 302       American Legal Systems
GOVT 309       Congress
GOVT 324       Asia: Beyond the Great Wall (ASIA 324)
GOVT 325       Canadian Politics
GOVT 330       European Politics
GOVT 331       Middle East Politics
GOVT 337       Torture, Truth, & Memory (CLAS 337)
GOVT 4007     International Political Economy
GOVT 4050     International Security
GOVT 4064     Urban/Rural Divide: State & Local

Global Studies
GS 101            Intro to Global Studies I: Political Economy
GS 222            Asian Political Economy in the Global Age (ASIA 222)
GS 268            Global Health & Justice (also counts for DIV13)

MUS 244         Musics of South Asia (ASIA 244)

Performance and Communication Arts
PCA 250           Research Methods

PHIL 206          Political Theory (GOVT 206)

SOC 101          Intro to Soc: Principles of Sociology
SOC 110          Intro to Soc: Global Problems
SOC 187          Intro to Soc: Environment and Society (ENVS 187; also counts for EL)

SOC 203          Foundations of Social Theory
SOC 228          Racial and Ethnic Groups
SOC 235          Earning a Living Work/Occ Global Economy
SOC 264          Environmental Movements (also counts for EL)
SOC 265          Sociology of Climate Change (also counts for EL)
SOC 266          Criminal (In)Justice w/CBL (majors only or permission required)
SOC 300          Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 3072        Power, Politics, and Society
SOC 3073        Culture Capitalism & the Modern World
SOC 308          Capstone: Death and Dying
SOC 3087        Self & Society
SOC 3090        Gender & Development