Advanced Placement, Transfer Credit, and International Baccalaureate Credit

Do you have college coursework from a previous institution that you would like us to review for possible credit at St. Lawrence University? If so, here is a reminder of what we accept and what we’ll need for that coursework to be evaluated, and units added to your record. Please provide this information as soon as possible as it may affect your upcoming registration in July.
  • Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit: Go here if you have completed any Advanced Placement exams or would like to transfer college course credit from another institution. 
  • International Baccalaureate Credit: SLU will also grant credit for International Baccalaureate Higher Level Examinations in which a score of 5 or higher is achieved. Credit is not awarded for Standard Level examinations. IB course credit is regarded as transfer credit and is determined by the registrar in consultation with the appropriate department chair.


1.     Grades must be a 2.0 ( C ) or better to transfer.   Transfer credit grades are not averaged into the SLU GPA.

2.     We only accept coursework from accredited institutions.  If you have a question about accreditation, you can verify the information by asking the host institution directly.

3.     Request that the host institution send an OFFICIAL transcript to the Registrar at SLU upon completion of the course(s).  
             St. Lawrence University
             Registrar’s Office
             117 Vilas Hall
             23 Romoda Drive
             Canton, NY 13617

TRANSFER STUDENTS – we may have received a partial transcript for you already, but be sure that we have your MOST RECENT coursework with grades included on a final, official transcript.  EX: if you submitted a transcript to us in March, but were still completing courses for the spring 2017 semester, we would need an updated transcript which includes your spring 2017 grades as well.

4.     Universities operate with different credit systems.  SLU works in units.  A program defined by another institution as a “semester” does not obligate St. Lawrence to accept the transfer of any specific number of units.  (Example:  1 SLU unit = 3.6 semester hours; .83 SLU units = 3 semester hours; .56 SLU units = 3 quarter hours).  Check with us if you have questions about the value of the transfer credit.

5.     After a student matriculates at SLU, college coursework taken at other institutions is limited to a maximum of 8.0 SLU units accepted through transfer.

Be sure to discuss any potential incoming college coursework, AP, or IB credit with your academic advisor in the coming weeks.

If you need assistance please call the Registrar's office at 315-229-5268.