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Neuroscience Professors Publish Editorial

Two neuroscience professors, Dr. Ana Estevez and Dr. Joseph Erlichman, have recently published an editorial in the Journal “Nanomedicine”. The title of their article is: ‘The potential of cerium oxide nanoparticles (nanoceria) for neurodegenerative disease therapy’. The article focuses elucidating the therapeutic potential of cerium oxide nanoparticles while also addressing some controversies in the field. Cerium oxide nanoparticles are small (nanometer range) metal oxide particles that have been demonstrated to possess potent antioxidant properties.

According to its website, Nanomedicine ‘is a uniquely medicine-focused journal, addressing the important challenges and advances in medical nanoscale-structured material…” The journal encourages editorial writers to express their opinions, giving the authors the opportunity to present criticism or address controversy. Since the use of nanoceria for therapeutic purposes is in its infancy, Drs. Estevez and Erlichman saw this editorial as a great opportunity for synthesizing some of the nanoceria data that have been published to date and for providing some perspective when disparate effects of the nanoparticles have been reported.

The article is freely available from the Nanomedicine website: