Faculty Awarded National Science Foundation Grant

The National Science Foundation has awarded a major research instrumentation grant in the amount of $179,336 to St. Lawrence University.   The grant is under the direction of Richard Sharp (math, computer science and statistics), Emily H. Dixon (biochemistry), Ana Y. Estevez (neuroscience), Edwin Harcourt (math, computer science and statistics), and Lorraine C. Olendzenski (biology).  It will fund the acquisition of a high performance computer and a microarray scanner to support interdisciplinary research in computer science and biology at SLU.   The supercomputer will facilitate the ability of investigators to perform computationally intensive and memory intensive tasks for their research whereas the microarray scanner will make possible the analysis of genome-wide expression patterns in various organisms including yeast, nematodes and bacteria.  In addition, both pieces of equipment will enhance the research experiences and training of our undergraduate students and contribute to the development of new interdisciplinary course offerings for biology and computer science majors.
This award was funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.