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Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble last year had 52 members; over half of those musicians were students and the rest were St. Lawrence faculty and staff, plus musicians from our local community. This past fall semester we had a remote and much smaller students-only Wind Ensemble, using some new technologies* that have allowed us to work more collaboratively than the standard web meetings like Zoom allow. 

While you’ll use many of the same skills you’d use in the larger wind ensemble, this spring you’ll also be more directly involved in musical decision-making. Your conductor will shift to a coach who gives guidance during rehearsal: suggestions on playing, style, balance, accuracy, and more. You’ll spend some rehearsal time with the full group, and some with a smaller ensemble—trio, quartet, etc. 

An exciting development in the band world has been composers and arrangers creating excellent music for adaptable ensembles. There’s great music—hundreds of new pieces of music playable by a wide variety of instrument combinations! This is one of a few examples of something very useful coming out of the pandemic. 

To be in one of the ensembles, students:

  • may be on or off campus;
  • may have the option, if on campus, to participate virtually or to meet in person with other members of your small ensemble (to be decided);
  • are required to audition by the date below. A recorded performance audition for both new and returning members is essential so that ensembles can be figured out and assigned. See below for audition requirements and information. 

Rehearsals (starting Tuesday, January 12)

  • Days and times TBD. After submitting your audition, you’ll receive a form to fill out your schedule; ensembles will then be scheduled, taking into account members’ other scheduled classes, work, etc.

Performance Date

  • TBD


  • To audition, you will be asked to perform three scales of your choice and two excerpts of a piece provided. Please submit digitally using this form.

For more information, contact Theresa Witmer, director.

*Two of the platforms we’ve used are and New developments in music collaboration software are coming at a fast tempo