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Patricia A. Goodhines

Patricia Goodhines
Class year: 
Music and Psychology
Steuben, NY
Laurentian Singers, String Orchestra, The Annex

“I majored in Music and Psychology. From the very beginning of my career at SLU I was actively involved in the Music Department, participating in both the Laurentian Singers and SLU String Orchestra. I had the opportunity to take private lessons in multiple instruments, which greatly advanced my musical knowledge and skill. I also served as student coordinator for the Music Library, and two years as leader of the Annex theme house for the performing arts. As a member of the Annex, I was provided with numerous performance opportunities and other creative collaborations. I was inducted into the Music Department's honorary society, the Charles Ives Society, in the winter of 2010."

"Music has always been a hobby very dear to my heart, and I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to pursue this passion at SLU in an educational setting. From the beginning of my career at St. Lawrence I was drawn to the Music Department by the supportive faculty, interesting classes and numerous opportunities to participate at various levels. I met many wonderful musicians both student and faculty, and this has allowed me to significantly broaden my preexisting perceptions of the art of music.”

Professional Position: 
Mental Health Worker
Alumni Biography: 

“Following graduation from St. Lawrence, I have been living in Saratoga Springs and working at Four Winds Hospital as a Mental Health Worker for the past year, which I really enjoy. Besides counseling and therapy, I also get to run wellness groups like karaoke, meditation, and yoga. I love Saratoga--lots of farmers' markets and live music! I also work as a volunteer researcher for the positive psychology lab at Skidmore College. I've been playing mandolin and singing a lot lately, really getting into folk music and songwriting. I have been accepted to the clinical psychology PhD program at Syracuse University, and plan to attend in the fall of 2015.”

“I often get nostalgic about the music department at SLU and the unique environment it provided us all. It's harder to come by in the "real" world! All of my classes, relationships and ensembles within the Music Department at SLU provided me with invaluable knowledge and experiences that are certain to last a lifetime."