New Course for Fall 2019 | St. Lawrence University Music

New Course for Fall 2019

Visiting Fellow Fritz Schenker will offer a new course in fall 2019, MUS 3021, Popular Music Industries Since the 1890s:

The popular music industries represent a space where music and business intersect, where the worlds of art and commerce combine. In this course, we will draw on a wide range of sources to examine important historical moments and strategic developments that have shaped the popular music industries since the late nineteenth century. We will cover topics such as the major innovations of Tin Pan Alley that gave birth to popular music, the rise of global markets for recordings, musical labor and copyright, and the relationships between ever-changing technology and models for profiting from music. Much of our focus will be on the U.S. but we will both be carefully attuned to the global entanglements that have shaped U.S. markets and also explore several case studies of popular music industries in other parts of the world. By the end of the course students will understand the popular music industries with greater historical context and will be able to think critically about the ways in which art and business can overlap.

This 200-level course has no prerequisites.