Irish Songs for Family Weekend

Senior Emma Greenough will present Ear to Éire: An Irish Music Journey, on Saturday, October 7th, at 4pm in Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall.

After studying abroad in Cork, Ireland, in spring 2017, Emma spent her summer as a St. Lawrence University fellow working with ethnomusicologist and department chair Dr. David Henderson.  She studied the Irish sean-nós singing tradition, a tradition that "adapts and survives despite everything," observes singer Lillis Ó Laoire. 

Sean-nós is a way of telling a story through song.  From its origins in the 13th century to today's modern compositions, sean-nós is a medium through which singers have told and retold the story of Ireland—her people, her places, her struggles.  As Irish music scholars Dorothea Hast and Stanley Scott put it, “Every performance of a sean-nós song is a kind of collaboration between the present singer and past generations of singers, poets, and composers.”  

This performance will be the capstone of Emma's summer research. 

Free admission.  Open to the public.