Student Bios

Brendan Reilly

My St. Lawrence story has been one of linguistics and ping pong. More on this later, but my interest in languages and my love for the popular basement game came together in a magical way at SLU....


A giant, overly saturated child’s encyclopedia from the 1970’s started my language craze when I was about six or seven. Like any good encyclopedia, it gave information on hundreds of topics. I,...

Mehrsa Kheibary

Majors: International Economics & Multi-Languages (French and Arabic).

Hello!  درود!

My name is Mehrsa Kheibary and I am the only Iranian student at St....

Rachel Bickauskas

Majors: Mathematics, Middle East Studies (Multi-field Major: Arabic and Middle East History)

Every semester since my first semester at St. Lawrence I have taken an Arabic...

Julianne DeGuardi
Major(s): Estudios Hispánicos (Spanish)

After learning a few basic phrases and how to introduce myself in Spanish on the first day of Spanish class in 7th grade, I became fascinated with the concept of being able to speak a...


Major: International Economics and Multi-languages (Italian and Spanish)

Minor: Italian Studies

Hello! Ciao! !Hola!

I am from Copenhagen, NY...