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Student Bios

Julianne DeGuardi
Major(s): Estudios Hispánicos (Spanish)

After learning a few basic phrases and how to introduce myself in Spanish on the first day of Spanish class in 7th grade, I became fascinated with the concept of being able to speak a...

Madison Rusch
Major(s): Spanish
Mehrsa Kheibary

Majors: International Economics & Multi-Languages (French and Arabic).

Hello!  درود!

My name is Mehrsa Kheibary and I am the only Iranian student at St....

Dakota Noyes
Major(s): Multi-lingual (focusing on French, Spanish and Arabic)

I decided to come to St. Lawrence for a number of different reasons; the beautiful campus, the diverse atmosphere, the wonderful people, but the one thing that stood out to me was the language...


Major: International Economics and Multi-languages (Italian and Spanish)

Minor: Italian Studies

Hello! Ciao! !Hola!

I am from Copenhagen, NY...

Rachel Bickauskas

Majors: Mathematics, Middle East Studies (Multi-field Major: Arabic and Middle East History)

Every semester since my first semester at St. Lawrence I have taken an Arabic...