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Student Bios

Brendan Reilly

My St. Lawrence story has been one of linguistics and ping pong. More on this later, but my interest in languages and my love for the popular basement game came together in a magical way at SLU....


A giant, overly saturated child’s encyclopedia from the 1970’s started my language craze when I was about six or seven. Like any good encyclopedia, it gave information on hundreds of topics. I,...

Major(s): Global Studies and Spanish

Throughout the development of my undergraduate studies I have had the privilege to engage in academically rigorous courses within the Spanish and Caribbean/Latin American Studies departments....

Emma Visser
Major(s): Neuroscience
Minor(s): Spanish

I grew up in the heart of the North Country splashing in the Raquette River in the summers, collecting sap for maple syrup in the fall and playing ice hockey with my siblings on that very same...

Major(s): Multi-Language and Global Studies

In high school I had no idea where I wanted to go to college. Many of my friends applied early decision to schools because they had their minds made up, but I was still unsure what school...

Annie Wilcox
Major(s): Government