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Mehrsa Kheibary

Mehrsa Kheibary
Class year: 
Tehran, Iran

Majors: International Economics & Multi-Languages (French and Arabic).

Hello!  درود!

My name is Mehrsa Kheibary and I am the only Iranian student at St. Lawrence University. I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran until I was 16 when I was accepted to United World College Maastricht, an international boarding school in the Netherlands. I obtained International Baccalaureate Diploma from that school. Then I took a gap year and returned home. During my gap year, I began to learn one of my favorite traditional Iranian instruments, Daf. I advanced my piano skills during this time as well. Moreover, I interned as an Executive Lawyer’s assistant, which was an important experience that assured me that law was the career I wanted to pursue.

I heard about St. Lawrence University through one of my friends from my high school the Netherlands. I did my own research about this university and found out about its popular study abroad programs, the variety of courses offered, and the small class sizes. As a first-year, I was very surprised and unhappy about the cold and northerly location of our school. I had not expected this at all. Each passing semester, I have increasingly appreciated other great factors about this place, such as its friendly student-faculty relations and the kind and welcoming community of friends and classmates.

Persian (Farsi) is my first language and I speak it fluently. Generally, I am very fond of learning new languages. I took two years of French in my high school in Iran. I started taking Arabic classes in my first-year at SLU. Thanks to my great Introduction to Economics professor, I became very interested in this field. By junior year, I declared my major as International Economics and Multi-Languages (French and Arabic).

I had the great opportunity of studying abroad in Amman, Jordan the spring semester of my sophomore year. This was one of the most rewarding experiences of I’ve ever had, in terms of life and academic studies. I got familiar with the Jordanian culture and my Arabic improved significantly as well.

I am planning to participate in the New York semester program since I have heard such great stories about it. On campus, I look forward to my classes in the upcoming semesters. They will focus on what I am most passionate about – economics and languages.