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Kendra Bush

Kendra Bush

Class year: 
Fultonville, NY
Member of indoor and outdoor Track and Field teams, and the group !Baila!


My experience studying abroad in Spain:

One of the most rewarding experiences of the year long program in Spain is the internship component. During this past winter and spring I had the opportunity to work at the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, a center that focuses not only on the conservation of plant species, but also on sharing its knowledge and research about the plant world with the general public. During my time at the garden, I helped teach botany classes to junior high students, and worked to translate the garden’s webpage from Spanish to English. I also worked with the graphic design department to translate information cards and pamphlets on display throughout the garden. This was a great internship for me because I learned so many new things about botany every day, a field I hadn’t previously studied.

My work at the Royal Botanical Garden helped me learn about the field of translation, something I am now much more interested in. It also helped my Spanish skills as I often encountered new vocabulary. Because of this great opportunity, I gained experience working with and manipulating both the Spanish and English language, and now have experience teaching students; things that will help me with my future goals in the field of education.