Research/Creative Projects (Intermediate Arabic – Arabic 104)

Students in the Intermediate Arabic (Arabic 104) class spent the semester researching topics related to the Arab or Islamic World. At the end of the semester, they presented their findings to their peers through a formal oral presentation. As part of this research project they also had to creatively interpret their findings through a poem, song, graffiti, foods, documentary, or any other art form related to their personal interests and talents. Some of the topics researched included:

  • The impact of sports in the Middle East
  • History of the Arabic Language
  • Executive order 13769: Domestic and Foreign Implications of Trump's early actions
  • Creative Dissent during the Arabic Spring
  • Art and the Arab Uprisings
  • Islamic Prayer Beads
  • Alaa Awad and Ganzeer: Art during the Egyptian Revolution
  • Libyan Civil war in the context of foreign interventions, and its aftermath
  • Painting throughout the history of Arab Society
  • The veil
  • Christianity in the Middle East
  • the influence of Islamic art and concepts in architecture around the world
  • the history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine

Here are some of the creative pieces of the students. I hope you enjoy their work as much as we all did in our class!