Poster presentation by the Arabic 201 class

One of the projects that the students in Arabic 201 class were asked to work on this semester (Fall 2013) is to do research about a topic that they choose and then to create a poster and present and discuss it in class.

The first poster (Kimberly Guillen & Maryam Laly) is about “Mohammad Assaf”. He was the winner of the second season of “Arab Idol”.

The second poster (Fulya Eroglu & Geneva Pond) is about the difference in food between Damascus and Aleppo.

The third poster (Spencer Nelson & Germain Choiniere) is about the Arab Spring. They talked about four countries: Egypt, Syria, Tunisia & Lybia.

The fourth poster (Matthew Dudley) is about his experience in Grenada last summer and about the influence of Islam there.