Modern Languages and Literatures writing prize in French, German and Spanish

The Modern Languages Writing Prize is awarded annually in recognition of excellence in writing as demonstrated by a paper of five or more pages in French, German, or Spanish, submitted to the department.  This year the deadline is Monday, March 18th (first day of classes after Spring Break!)  Please put your name ONLY on a separate cover or title page, because the papers are judged anonymously.  You may submit it electronically to, or bring in a paper copy. Your name should be on a separate cover sheet, and not on the paper itself, in order for the competition to be judged anonymously.

The paper may be written independently or in conjunction with a course.  There are no restrictions on subject matter or format; creative works as well as essays and term papers will be considered. 

The prize consists of a cash award and inscription of the author’s name on a plaque located in on the 3rd floor of Carnegie Hall.  Results of the competition will be announced and the prize awarded on Moving-Up Day.

If more than one distinguished paper has been submitted, the Department may, at its discretion, award two prizes.  If, however, the Committee determines that no suitable paper has been received, the prize need not be awarded in a given year.

For more information contact your language professor.