Esthela Calderón presented her paintings | St. Lawrence University Modern Languages

Esthela Calderón presented her paintings

Adjunct Instructor of Spanish Esthela Calderón presented her paintings in an individual exhibition sponsored by the St. Lawrence County Arts Council (SLCAC) at the Town Hall in Potsdam, New York on April 21, 2017. Her show, entitled "Inside the Ancestral Current" runs until May 26. In her artist's statement Esthela Calderón says, "The paintings in this exhibit are designed as a way of not forgetting the mechanisms of memory. They depict a particle of time, the birth of an idea, a color, a form, a texture, something’s size. The imprint that remains resembles photographs of pigments removed from the brain at the moment of their creation. The paintings also recall the Amerindian practice of making codexes and petroglyphs to conserve the yearly cycles of indigenous communities and to render homage to their gods." For more information: