Dr. Gina Marie Breen presented at a conference

Dr. Gina Marie Breen, Visiting Assistant Professor of Francophone Studies, presented at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference in Spokane, Washington (Oct 12th-14th, 2017). Her paper, entitled "Writing Conflict Through Conflicting Voices in Assia Djebar’s Le Blanc de l’Algérie and Ces voix qui m’assiègent" was part of a Women in French special session panel on Embodying Conflict. Her research examines how Djebar's work focuses on women and the effects of war. She analyses Djebar's use of language, including its plurality, limitations, and functions within the context of French-Algerian conflict, which expands upon her recently accepted article "Resurrecting Mythopoetic Representations of French Algeria" that will be published in Dalhousie French Studies in Spring 2018.