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Gina Breen Published in "Journal of Mediterranean Studies"

Visiting Assistant Professor of Francophone Studies Gina Breen has published an article in the Journal of Mediterranean Studies (Vol. 27, No. 2, 2019). The article "Neither French, Nor Algerian: Albert Camus's Pied-Noir Identity" examines Camus's first novel L'étranger written during World War II and published in 1942and his unfinished posthumous semiautobiographical novel Le Premier Homme, which was written during the Algerian War of Independence and published in 1994. Though his writing left an ambivalent legacy, Breen contends that Camus mythologizes the past and present through his pied-noir origins. His poverty and loss are consolidated in his negative prognosis for Algeria's future, a prognosis that is often distrustful of Algerian independence. These writings put in question the very possibility of an all-inclusive nation, which foregrounds Camus's attempt and ultimate failure to navigate his past and access memories, thus offering nuanced exploration of pied-noir marginality.