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Language Teaching Materials

Foreign Language Resource Centers
Title VI U.S. Department of Education Grant Projects, including links to materials and workshops

Language Software Database
Database searchable by language, skill level, and skill type; from the University of Hawaii

REALIA Project
Database of images for teaching Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian. Tips for using realia in the classroom.

The ARTFL Project
Resources for teachers and students of French; from the University of Chicago

Database of images for teaching German; from Washington & Jefferson College

UCLA Language Materials Project
Teaching resources for less commonly taught languages

Merlot World Language Portal
A collection of learning materials gathered by language teachers world-wide

A digital archive of art, architecture, and other culturally-related images

Foreign Language News and Newspapers

Broadband Multilingual TV
Watch international television on the web. Only suitable for broadband connections or better.

Multilingual News Sources
Print, radio, and television news sources from around the world. Searchable by region, country, or language.
Newspapers, radio, and television broadcasts in multiple languages

Links to Latin American and Spanish- and Portuguese-language newspapers; from the University of Texas

Online Journals

Language Learning and Technology
Academic journal for second and foreign language educators and researchers

Reading in a Foreign Language
Journal of issues in foreign language reading and literacy

Language and Technology Associations

The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium

International Association for Language Learning Technology

Northeast Association for Language Learning Technology