Learning Goals | St. Lawrence University Modern Languages

Learning Goals

The study of a foreign language is an integral part of a liberal arts education. A degree of proficiency in one or more foreign languages opens the door to unfamiliar cultures with different traditions, histories and points of view. It makes exchange possible with speakers of other languages. In addition, the study of language develops awareness that the expression of thought is invariably linked to considerations of history, geography, collective memory and cultural identity. Understood in this sense, language study is a foundation for intellectual inquiry and responsible global citizenship.

Learning goals for students in the department of modern languages and literatures are academically demanding, student-oriented and designed to have a favorable impact on graduates’ lifelong globalized learning processes.

All students taking courses in the Modern Languages and Literature Department will be able to:

  1. Think critically
  2. Communicate effectively through the written word
  3. Communicate effectively through the spoken word

In addition, students who have majored or minored in a modern language will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate cultural competency
  2. Conduct and present research in both oral and written forms

Detailed Learning Goals