Italian Studies Minor

Requirements for the Italian Studies Minor:

Students minoring in Italian Studies are required to complete a total of six courses, four of which are language courses, and two of which are from the list below. Special topics related to the Italian history and culture taught in other disciplines count toward the minor. Two of the four language classes must be taken on campus.

If Italian is also part of a Multi-language major, students are required to take two additional classes for the minor in Italian Studies.


  • 101, 102 - Elementary Italian I & II
  • Italian 103, 104 - Intermediate Italian I & II
  • Italian 489, 490 SYE - Independent study
  • AAH 116 Survey of Art I
  • AAH 117: Survey of Art History II
  • AAH 202: Art of the Italian Renaissance
  • AAH 204: Baroque and Rococo Art
  • AAH 4401: Baroque and Modern Architecture
  • MUS 234: Music in Venice
  • PCA 312: The Public Sphere of Renaissance Venice
  • REL 102: Religion and Science
  • REL 206: Introduction to The New Testament
  • REL 227: Religion in Ancient Greece and Rome