TA Evaluation Form

Please answer the following questions - Your feedback will help your TAs to improve.

Do you feel that your TA has a good understanding of the concepts covered this semester? *
Is she/he doing a good job clarifying concepts that are confusing or unclear? *
Is she/he helpful in answering questions? *
Are you comfortable asking questions during the lab? *
Do you feel that your TA accomplished her/his responsibilities in a punctual and timely manner? *
Does your TA foster a positive learning classroom or work environment? *
If you sought help from your TA (i.e. questions about papers, exams, etc.), was she/he helpful? *
Does your TA come to lab on time? *
(If applicable) do you feel that your TA grade fairly? *
Do you feel that your TA is doing a good job running the lab? *
Please rate the performance of your TA on a scale of ONE-TO-FIVE with five (5) being "Excellent job" and one(1) being "Poor job" *
Please take a few minutes to make any additional comments that might be helpful in evaluating your TA.
In order to improve the lab, we would like your feedback on what you thought of it, and how we can change things in the future to make the lab better.