Carnegie 10 International Film Series – The Insult | St. Lawrence University Modern Languages

Carnegie 10 International Film Series – The Insult

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Carnegie Hall

In honor of the diversity of films from around the world and in homage to the indispensable Cinema 10 series of Potsdam, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures & the Language Resource Center are pleased to present: 

The Insult (2018)

In today's Beirut, a civilian dispute blown out of proportion finds Tony (Adel Karam), a Lebanese Christian, and Yasser (Kamel El Basha), a Palestinian refugee, facing off in court. As the media circus surrounding the case threatens a social explosion in divided Lebanon, Tony and Yasser reconsider their values and beliefs as revelations of trauma complicate their understanding of one another.

Each one of the two main characters is revealed to have been affected by a traumatic historical event in his youth: the Damour massacre in the case of Tony, and Black September in the case of Yasser. Moreover, there are references to Bachir Gemayel and Ariel Sharon, as prominent characters of the Lebanese civil war.

The Insult was nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign language film.

Language:  Arabic with English subtitles

We hope to see you there!