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Course Offerings

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
(no major or minor)

All courses denoted with an ESOL designation provide instruction and support to students whose first language is not English (including both international students and first generation immigrants). Some students will be assessed prior to the start of their first semester at SLU and will be notified if mandated to take one or more of the ESOL courses.

ESOL 201. Introduction to American Culture.
In this course, students will focus on English for academic purposes through the study of American culture. This course will address language used in academic assignments and class discussions, expand academic vocabulary, and work on academic grammar and writing. Students will study language and culture through TED Talks, newspaper articles, and readings and work to develop critical thinking skills through assigned papers, talks, and discussions. Fall semester only. Non-native English speakers only. DIV13 designation.

ESOL 202. Advanced Stylistics.
In this course, students will refine skills related to academic English and will have an intensive study of academic vocabulary. Students will study the English language in both the written and spoken form and will examine advanced concepts related to writing academic English. Students will work to develop arguments and master complex academic skills through papers, presentations, and discussions and the course will help prepare students to be successful in their academic career. Offered fall and spring semesters. Non-native English speakers only. LANG designation.

LANG 308/EDUC 308/AFS 308. Critical Aspects of Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages.

In this course, students will critically examine teaching English abroad through project-based learning. While not an ESOL teaching certification course, students will leave this course with a fundamental understanding of and practical applications for teaching ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages. The larger goal of this course is to examine trends and issues in the field, to practice writing lesson plans, and teaching those plans, and to highlight the importance of understanding culture, and learner characteristics in planning and teaching. Students will develop an understanding of the complexities of teaching ESOL/EFL and why being an English speaker is not enough of a qualification for success.

ESOL WORD Studio Tutors

The WORD Studio (writing center) has trained tutors with specialization in multilingual writing and are able to provide ongoing individual support and tutoring to students whose first language is not English. Students can make appointments with these tutors by contacting or visiting the WORD Studio in ODY Library and asking about the multilingual/ESOL tutors.