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Messages to the Class of 2020

Well wishes and congratulatory messages from alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, and friends poured in from around the world this month for St. Lawrence University’s Class of 2020. Read and watch what Laurentians shared with our seniors.

To my friends, teammates, previous orientiees, and fellow Sluzers,


While my heart breaks you did not end the year with senior week, formals, championship athletic seasons, a final trip to the river with friends, or a last cup of coffee with your advisor, I am so relieved that you chose St. Lawrence.

Nothing will ever replicate the time spent on campus and nothing will ever be the same as walking across that 'cornucopia', but know that your experience is far from over. Commencement does mean a beginning, after-all. In this new beginning you'll be reminded of friends you made, the skills you learned, and strength you found at our dear alma mater every single day.

Jacqui Ebeling ‘17


Congratulations distinguished graduates! Despite the unusual circumstances in which you completed your education I want to highlight what an achievement this is. Life has a way of providing ups and downs, joys and disappointments, hardships and windfalls. St. Lawrence prepared you for just this kind of moment even though you may not feel like you are succeeding in life and things are going the way you wanted. But the whole SLU community is standing behind you and wishing you a brighter future. We acknowledge and celebrate your years of study and work and want you to feel good knowing that experience and education will assist you in whatever challenges come your way again. You succeeded in earning your degree and you succeeded in adapting to a global pandemic. Not bad! Walk with pride down this victorious path and celebrate your life, this momentous achievement and continue to excel in the face of adversity. And if you find yourself feeling like you are alone or off that path, just ask for our help and we will be there for you. We are so proud of you and welcome you into the alumni family.

Mayela Harris ‘87


Well done, SLU Class of 2020! Saints for life!

Courtney Goodridge ‘15

I am sorry that this the world has turned upside down and that your four years came to a close early on campus. I want you to know Laurentians around the world are sad with you and thinking of you all. This experience isn't happening to us though and instead of just apologizing I want to offer some thoughts:

We are here for you. A phone call, an introduction, hosting you in our city for a summer, you say the word and we will be there.

The traditions live on but you also get to be the start of a new tradition too. Our St. Lawrence traditions are a blanket woven through the years and touched by all that keep our hearts warm when we think back on our time in Canton. Your time extends and you will be a part of the class that shapes a new type graduation and a new layer to your experience as the class of 2020. A candle in the wilderness needs to add new wax every once in a while and I know you'll help use all shine brighter than ever before.

Paige Friedlander ‘16


Congratulations to everyone in the SLU Class of 2020! You are now among the BEST alumni of any college or University in all the land. WELCOME!! As part of that family, your St. Lawrence experience will never leave you as you continue with a loving community that is bonded by everything that makes SLU special, past, present and future. You have graduated in perhaps what will become one of the most memorable years in our history. Take the challenges you are now facing into the world and use every part of what SLU gave you, and will continue to give you, to make a positive impact wherever you live and with whomever you encounter. Be proud of both your SLU degree and very proud of yourselves, for the strength and grace you all have demonstrated as you walk, literally and figuratively, with diplomas in hand to an exciting future for all of you. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN AND.... GO SAINTS!!

Dave Batson ‘82


Students in pink shirts, dancing

FYC Kick-Off 2016

I can imagine your disappointment in not having a normal graduation. As I thought about you and my own in 1950 I realize that I really don't remember much about it. BUT, I can tell you this in all the years since the many class reunions I have attended are treasured memories for me. The renewing of strong friendships that are like no others have lasted a lifetime.

As time goes by you will realize what a very special four years of your life are just ending. The great thing is that as each year from here on goes by you will find a richness and fun only a place like St Lawrence could give you if you return for your reunion anniversaries.

CONGRATULATIONS to you all. The fun is just about to begin. :)

Bill Caldwell ‘50


Congratulations Olivia Reynolds!! Our very best to you as you set out to chart your own path...looking forward to following where it leads. Much love.

The Boesch family

Students holding a "Make a Difference" sign

FYC Kick-Off 2016

Two students lighting candles

Candlelight 2016

To Emma, Nick, Raven, and Alison! LOTS of love for my wonderful Green Beans and I’m proud of you for weathering such extreme circumstances. I hope to see you all VERY soon and good luck with your next chapter!

Greenhouse love forever.

Jack Gillooly ‘19

Congratulations on your accomplishment, first and foremost making it through an extremely challenging final semester. You overcame a huge obstacle while sacrificing all the fun parts of college - life on campus with your friends, extracurricular activities, spring in the North Country - hunkered down at home, and got it done. I commend you and welcome you to the best alumni network in American higher education. Go Saints!

Amanda Dudley ’08, Former Assistant Rowing Coach


2020, you're awesome and you don't deserve missing your senior spring...the good news is you made it! you're graduating and moving onto bigger and better things, and you'll always have the SLU community and your story to tell. there's no way around it, you're triumphant, and you'll have one of the best graduation stories in history.

Zoë Kagan ‘17


I graduated ages ago, back in 1979, and look back with great thankfulness on the education I received at SLU, specifically in the Geology Dept. It was an amazing time, full of challenges and opportunities to grow and change. I know you have experienced the same. I wish you all the best as you graduate into this unusual time. SLU is unique in that it prepares you for change and teaches resilience, and you are better prepared than most. I wish you all the best. Good luck and Godspeed!

Susan Moisiadis ‘79


Congratulations to the class of 2020- you are making history. The bonds you made through your first 7 semesters will not be erased...cherish them. Reminisce on the Dana sits, Tuesday Blues, Titus weekends, Sergis fat bags and everything else that SLU introduced to you. This is what bonds all of us together to create an alumni network like no other.

Samantha Taillon ‘18


To all the graduates!

I am sending my congratulations and all the javalove (because everyone needs some javalove) from my quarantine in Myanmar (Burma)! I am so proud of all you have accomplished despite the immense challengese you have faced, are facing and will face. This era will define all of us and our world forever and it is our duty to take this time to reflect and think to the future for ourselves, our communities and our world. I know you are up to the challenge and know your SLU family will always be there to support you and always show up when you need it, whether it is a teacher, a peer, or a staff member. Cheers to you all! Celebrate this accomplishment in the best ways you know how and know there are so many people a phone call away waiting to celebrate with you now and in the future!

And hey, it is going to be a hell of a reunion.

Jordan Pescrillo ‘12


Congrats to the Class of 2020. While this isn't the picture perfect ending to your four years of dedication and hard work, it is the moment in front of us. Face the challenge with the integrity, bravery, passion, and commitment you have shared with us during your time here at SLU. Onward...

Jennifer Thomas, Associate Professor of Performance and Communication Arts


A message from the current and former leadership of the Alumni Executive Council to the Class of 2020

They say true life is lived when changes occur. By changing nothing, nothing changes. Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but it comes with continuous struggle. So we must straighten our backs and provide the world with the seriousness of purpose (in which SLU has enabled us to achieve). With your purpose, the only way to make sense of change is plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. Never doubt that a large group of thoughtful, committed, intelligent Laurentians can change the world. YOU ARE the Class of 2020. Congratulations, to each and everyone of you all. The best of luck with your future endeavors. I can't wait to see how you will change the world!

Adey '18


I tell anyone who will listen how truly grateful I am to spend time with St. Lawrence students. My respect and admiration for Laurentians have only grown and deepened this semester. This was not the senior year you expected or deserved, and I wish you were here celebrating Senior Week on campus. As you grieve what you’ve lost, I hope you are also able to appreciate the resilience you’ve demonstrated this semester and the resources you’ve developed over these past four years at SLU. Everyone is looking for reasons to hope in these dark times, and once again I feel lucky because I don’t need to look any farther than my class rosters from these past four years, to the names of graduating seniors, to know that the future is entrusted to the right people. Your transition to adulthood has been abrupt and unceremonious, please make this a point of strength. I am so proud of the seniors I have gotten to know well over these past four years, and I have deep faith that you will take what you learned at St. Lawrence and transform this experience into the living proof that we can make our world a better place. The class of 2020 will always hold a special place in my memory, and you have my deepest respect and gratitude for all you’ve accomplished here and all you will accomplish in the months and years ahead. Thank you, and congratulations.

Jeff Frank, Associate Professor


My daughter thankfully missed this....she graduated in 2019. Important to keep in mind the long road ahead. COVID disruption is but a speed bump. To be sure, it's significant in terms of awesome memories lost, but life goes on and your SLU degree will benefit you for a lifetime. And a good prelude for how to best connect with friends/profs on life's journey're now well practiced!

Charlie Corcoran
College professor
University of Wisconsin - River Falls


You all MUST be feeling such loss, sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, and confusion...about what has recently happened, the current circumstances, and with what the future may hold. These emotions are all justified and should be acknowledged.

But, my message to you is, believe that your newly developing ability to persevere will be such an asset, and give you such perspective, no matter where you go in the years to come.

With respect, admiration, and awe, I congratulate you on your graduation from St. Lawrence University!

Julia Anderson


Dear Class of 2020!
There is no doubt you have had many accomplishments in your academic career, Congratulation! Now, you have reached an important milestone, you are a "Laurentian for life!" What a wonderful community to be a part of even more now than ever, remember the SLU network can be your lifeline, use it. I wish for you much success and remember to "Go the extra mile it's never crowded there."

Jacqueline Jeffress ‘13


Dear Class of 2020 at St. Lawrence University:

Congratulations on your accomplishment over the last 4 years! The world stands in front of you as your opportunity to change our planet in whatever way you choose, during our Covid-19 era and well beyond.
As further background as you ponder your future, I would refer you to two "keynote speeches" that were relevant during my time at St. Lawrence. They are:

1. Robert F. Kennedy's "Day of Affirmation" address on June 6, 1966 at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.o
2. John F. Kennedy's Inauguration address to our nation on January 20, 1961 in Washington, DC

Both of these, to me, are overwhelmingly inspirational addresses that remain highly relevant today as we all face challenges going forward. Also, if I may, as a concluding thought, I offer you this quote below (used by Ted Kennedy at the funeral of his brother RFK in 1968) and originating from attributed to George Bernard Shaw:

"Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.”

Robert Kennedy visited St. Lawrence University in February 1968 and we all saw him on campus. His voice still resonates with me and many of us as graduates during that tumultous period of the 1960's. Take these messages to your heart as you progress in the Year 2020.

Go forward and do good things. "Ask not what your planet can do for you, ask what you can do for your planet!!" That is my JFK adaptation today.



Dale F. Weeks, Class of 1969
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Students posing in front of a banner

FYC Kick-Off 2016

Hey seniors, but the POWERhouse seniors especially. You guys have taught me more than I ever could have expected about love, laughter, hope, joy, spontaneity, hard work, and fun. You have made me laugh and made me cry and I cannot thank you enough for the light you have brought into my life. You are wonderful, each and every one of you, and I am so, so sad that we can't be together to celebrate. Every single one of you deserves the entire world. It has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life to know you and I'm counting the days until I can see you again. I love you all.

Liesl Magnus ‘21


I know this isn't how you wanted to end your time at SLU, but the AMAZING thing about St. Lawrence is that being an alum is almost as good as being a student! The friendships you have made, the skills you have learned, and the ability you now have to winter "one-up" everyone (SNOW??? COLD??? You have NO IDEA!) wherever you go will last a lifetime! Welcome to the alumni network class of 2020 - I can't wait to see you out there!

Jolie Roetter ‘04



Tip: Continue to cherish your St. Lawrence friendships forever! Remember their up for reunions, their weddings and any gathering you can. Reconnecting is always fun and valuable. Remember life has a ton of twists and turns and it is your St. Lawrence friends who will help you through. Life is also an opportunity to continue learning and exploring each and every day. ENJOY every minute of it and always remember your St. Lawrence roots. :-)

Lisa Kiene ‘92


This unprecedented situation does not diminish the value and quality of your accomplishment of earning your degree from St. Lawrence University! Congratulations!
I retain wonderful friends who have known one another for all of our adult lives. We have varied careers, diverse family lives and the shared foundation of our time in Canton that we still celebrate and are grateful for. May the time you have had at St. Lawrence continue to resonate in whatever endeavors await you. Continued success and unknown adventures await you.

Richard Briggs ‘75


I am so proud of you and wish you the very best! And remember, St. Lawrence will always be your home.

Anne Clements, Assistant Director of Career Services

Especially to the senior members of the SLU Riding Team. You guys are the best. I wish I could give you Zone Finals and Nationals, which you so deserved to attend. I know you would have been great. The team won't be the same without you all. Congratulations to you and all your classmates. You will forever be remembered as the "Corona Class" and will never lack for something to talk about in interviews!

Kristen Mugnai


To the class of 2020, I'm so sorry that this is the way that your time at SLU had to end. You all have shown that you are resilient and adaptable, even when the times get tough. I hope that the next time you make it back onto campus you'll be able to celebrate the way you deserve. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments!

Kari LaPierre ‘19


While this year is something none of us could have imagined, I keep looking for the positive and the things that I can be grateful for - and I hope you are too. Here are a few things I thought of, but I encourage you to find your silver lining...
- We will be better prepared to actively and professionally participate in video conferences and remote or virtual meetings in the future! (Ya think?!)
- We have had time to take a breath and just enjoy our families.
- Some of us have found nature again and are enjoying the PRESENT with walks and bike rides.
- I have had more time to make and eat good food - slowly at my dining room table instead of on the run.
- Many have found themselves exercising more purposefully - instead of making excuses for why we cannot.
- Hopefully we are all getting more sleep.
- I have talked to many who are studying things they did not have time to study before, getting new certifications, and starting dream projects like writing a book, a screenplay or poetry. They didn't have time for this before.

Overcoming the adversity of this year will prepare you for the many adversities you will face in life. Finding gratitude in adversity will definitely give you strength. My heart goes out to you all. I know this was not your vision or of your making, but my wish for your is that you make the best of it! Go out and conquer!

Kim Stebbings ‘77


Dear Class of 2020,

I really wish I had a chance to say this in person; still, congratulations on your graduation!

I realize it may be difficult to focus on this very moment because, I know, millions of other things are happening around you right now. But please take a moment for yourself and think about what you have achieved. All of us here in the Government Department share the excitement of your graduation, and we all are so very proud of you!

Your degree certainly prepared you to understand, tackle, and, hopefully, fix many issues we face today. Perhaps more importantly, the time you spent at SLU taught you how to make a difference in life. Sometimes the conditions will not look favorable. When that happens, remember your ability to keep trying when most others choose to quit will be key to your success.

Although the last few weeks have not been the most ideal, SLU is and will always be a home for you. Please keep us posted about your achievements, and never hesitate to reach out when you need our help.

Once again, congratulations, and best wishes for your next adventure!

Mert Kartal, Assistant Professor of Government


Congratulations on an amazing achievement! While none of you anticipated the reality of your graduation year, one thing is certain; each of you likely did anticipate leaving St. Lawrence with wonderful memories, a heart full of pride, a head full of knowledge and gratitude to family and friends who helped along the way. All of that remains intact. And while your journey to the end was "interrupted," your future is bright and hopeful. As a very wise person once said, "Our most significant opportunities will be found in times of greatest difficulty." Make the most of your opportunities, and all best wishes as you move on to your next exciting adventure.

Jennifer Young ‘85


A student orientation leaders cheers and points at his new students

Matriculation 2016

Congratulations to all who have spent the last four years at St.Lawrence and are now experiencing such a strange & uncertain end to their journey there. I have crossed paths with many of you, whether through the fitness center or through my son Bailey White who is graduating with the amazing Class of 2020. (CONGRATS BAILEY!!) I am lucky to have met so many amazing individuals.
Congrats to all of you and see you when you are back to walk across the stage!! You've all earned it!

Dawn Taylor, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer Stafford Fitness Center


Deanna Sullivan on your 2020 graduation from St. Lawrence University. We are so proud of your many accomplishments and know your future holds many valuable opportunities to achieve all your dreams. Our Love, Aunt Linda and Uncle Dennis

Linda Breeden


Live Inspired! You haven't come this far, only to go this far! Upwards & Onwards to the Class of 2020. Great things are awaiting each and every one of you. The whole Schmalz-clan is so proud of you Tyler! Cheers, Dad

Ken Schmalz


The world might feel small and isolating at the moment, but your education and time at SLU has given you the tools and resources to know how wide, diverse, and open the it really is. These current times have proven how resilient and strong you are, and that you have the ability to adapt to any given situation. You have excelled under the wildest circumstances. Class of 2020, alumni around the world are cheering you on and celebrating each one of you as you finish your time at St. Lawrence. We are all so proud of you and cannot wait to see how you take on the world. Congratulations, and wishing you the very best for what comes next.

Thressa Zimmerman ‘17


We are so proud of you Kalie Garwood! All the things you did during your 4 years at St Lawrence amaze me! We loved meeting all your friends...all the Emilys especially Emily Buell, Tyler and Matt. You shined in DC!! I can't wait to see what the next chapter of your life holds for you. We love you, Mom and Richie.

Pamela Garwood


Dear Class of 2020,

Greetings from Poland!

At SLU, I learned that we should always "go confidently in the direction of our dreams and live lives we've imagined" (my FYP was called "Thoreau Lives!"); even despite current challenges, even despite the challenges that the near future may bring - you are part of Laurentian Family. We are together in bright, and also dim moments. So together we can await a new beginning. As you move to the 'real world', please always remember about the fellow Laurentians who are in many places in this world to help you. Go, Fight, and Win for a brighter future!

Łukasz W. Niparko ‘13


"One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things." -from The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

Class of 2020, you had to pivot in such a remarkable way this semester. Though your celebrations will be different, I hope you all savor your accomplishments from this past semester and throughout your St. Lawrence experience. The Laurentian community is behind you and I look forward to welcoming you back as alumni to Homecoming and Reunion celebrations in the future. Be well!

Victoria Lederer, Associate Director of Laurentian Engagement


Class of 2020! Congratulations! You should be so proud of your accomplishments and especially for your perseverance this past semester. Keep your heads held high and carry with you the strength you have thus far, into your future lives, and as life long laurentians! Be proud of what you have overcome and be excited, positive and hopeful about what the future holds! You will do great things. Congrats, Class of 2020! Get ready to rock the world!

Sarah Morosko ‘18


Matriculation Ceremony 2016

Matriculation Ceremony 2016

Dear Saints of the Class of 2020:

Congratulations and welcome to this new chapter that you are beginning in your lifelong journey as Laurentians. While you are not physically together as a class during this time, I promise you that you are not alone.

I am proud of you and all of the hard efforts given, long hours spent, and new experiences you had over these past four years. As you embark on this new journey, remember the bonds you made with inspirational people all around 23 Romoda Drive. Along the way and from time and time again, you will continue to cross paths with Saints in the most unexpected times, ways, and places. I promise you that it is still just the beginning, and that during the years to come, along the path that you are just setting foot on today, there are endless opportunities and adventures that await you. This page you are turning today will lead you to many more that will propel you into thrilling experiences and continue to shape you and allow you to grow and challenge yourself, just like the way that your four years on campus did. Today, you are well-equipped for the routes you will take and the road ahead of you that you are just beginning to build. And your fellow Saints will always be beside you.

You were sitting under the September sun, the grass beneath you tickling your fingertips as your laughter erupted from the very center of your being. You were making the trek from one side of campus to another as the last golden embers of the North Country winter sun singed the bare limbs, their shield of ice gripping tighter and tighter to them as night fell. Today as you move forward, I promise you that SLU will ALWAYS be there for you. It will always be your home and be a part of you, and you a part of SLU.

With admiration, respect, and excitement, I want to congratulate you again for your years of hard work and dedication.

Erika Hiple ‘18


Congratulations to the members of the class of 2020! You are an amazing group of Laurentians, who have accomplished so much. You really are an inspiration to the rest of us. I wish I could offer my congratulations in person. I am confident that your next step of your journey will be full of excitement. And know that all of us here at St. Lawrence can't wait to welcome you home one day.

Amelia Brown, Assistant Director of Laurentian Engagement


Class of 2020, Congratulations on your Graduation! We wish you the very best in life!

To our son Aran, looking at you, the man we raised makes us immensely proud. In squash and academics, the dictum that you live by is - you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for. Well done and Congratulations. Take pride in today's milestone - how far you have come.

Have faith in how far you can go - the best is yet to come!
Rohit and Namrata Thawani


A message to the Class of 2020: Two Blessings

'May the longtime sun shine upon you,
all love surrounds you,
and the sweet light within you guide your way on." Traditional Blessing

"May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warmth upon your face.
The rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand." An Irish Blessing

We will meet again and we will gather to celebrate, I am most sure of that. Sending love and thoughts of comfort and care to help us get there!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Zach and to the entire Class of 2020! You are most special and will do great things.
John & Nina Mazuzan ‘76


Salute! From class 2002 to class of 2020 - we’ve got the same numbers.

I want to tell you how special my commencement was - it was THAT one when we were outside and it snowed. I remember the honorary speaker, the retiring president of Clarkson, started his speech with a nod to the unseasonably cold day, “in the North Country, we have four seasons, early winter, mid winter, late winter, and next winter...” and the giant snow flakes promptly started to fall...

It appears your commencement will kick it up a notch on the “rare natural phenomenon” scale, and create a whole new category of its own! :)

I also want to tell you, so many Larentians before you and so many before me all LOVED talking about how special their commencements were - the one when Grace Potter sang, the one when a cancer fighting professor handed his youngest child the diploma, the one when we crowded into Appleton and then walked out into the most beautiful day in Canton, the one when we celebrated a classmate’s posthumous degree, the one when the trustees gave a standing ovation to retiring faculty and staff...

They are all so special - every one of them - because they are always the climax of every uniquely wonderful and brilliant class. They are high notes of achievement each and every class leaves this great university. This one will forever be special not because of the circumstance but because of YOU - regardless of which bits will be the most fun to reminisce...

So congratulations Class of 2020, for making another unforgettable moment in our shared history, and for this commencement that is so fitting for this class - full of discipline, hope, and perseverance. Thank YOU for sharing this moment with all of us and welcome to the community of Laurentian for Life!

Hook Huang ‘02


Dear Class of 2020,

Without having all of you together on the beautiful campus of SLU for graduation feels like there is a period not drawn to the memorable 4-year long journey. However, I still hope that you will be able to use it as an opportunity to carry on seamlessly the spirit of SLU in your future endeavors, continuing to be inquisitive, ambitious, open-minded and resilient. Congratulations and all the best to you all!
Liqian Ma '16

TRUE GRIT! That is what comes to mind when we think of the St. Lawrence graduating class of 2020. On March 24, you were blind-sided by, of all things, a global pandemic. Your small North Country community was shaken, and yet through your disappointment and frustration, you rose up, persevered, and continued your education without missing a beat! You held each other up with mental toughness, support, and love, that will carry you through your future endeavors. Well done class of 2020 - you got this! We wish to send a special congratulations to Liv Hart ’20 and all of Commons College seniors

We love you,
Jess and Terry Hart P’20, ‘22


CHEERS TO YOU ALL!!!! Is it possible that it has been 4 years? In those short years, you’ve all grown so much....I see how my daughter, Callie, has blossomed in so many ways. She is ready for the world thanks to the SLU community and the experiences she had there. I know you all are ready, although I know saying goodbye to campus is hard!! You will be the most resilient graduating class in our recent history. Stand tall and stay strong class of 2020, you have many many exciting experiences in your future and you ARE ready!!!!
You are a lucky bunch....SLU ROCKS!!!!!!!!!
Karen O’Callaghan Horan


FYP Cup Kickoff 2016

FYP Cup Kickoff 2016

Dear Class of 2020,

Congratulations on your graduation! Graduating from St. Lawrence University is a tremendous accomplishment! 17 years later, I still look back on my time at St. Lawrence and think of it as a challenge and a lot of hard work. When asked in job interviews what the most difficult thing I have done has been, I still say that it was participating in the Spain Program. Your experiences at St. Lawrence have helped to prepare you for the future both personally and professionally, although you might not see that right away. All I saw when I first graduated was how difficult it was to get a job, but later I saw other things. I saw how my time at St. Lawrence had done an excellent job of preparing me for graduate school. During the current COVID-19 situation, I see how my time at St. Lawrence studying in a liberal arts setting is helping me to come up with creative ideas that will be applied when the library where I work reopens. Also, since I participated in the Spain Program I am less nervous about volunteering with the Community Emergency Response Team (essential work) during a state-wide stay at home mandate. You never know how your experiences will help you. Stay in touch with classmates, former professors, and others who you met while at St. Lawrence. You might not be friends with everyone anymore, but it is nice to be able to check in with people. It is always good to hear a familiar voice. I highly recommend attending Reunion. It is a great opportunity to meet people from all graduating classes and to enjoy the campus without the stress of homework! Congratulations! Best wishes for a wonderful future!

Your fellow Laurentian,
Rosanna M. Longenbaker '03


Congratulations to the class of 2020. You will forever remember this moment in history throughout the rest of your life. And you will forever grow from this same moment.
Brian Atkins, Assistant Athletic Director/Head Athletic Trainer


Congratulations to the Class of 2020!! You all have worked so hard and should be proud of your accomplishments!! Embrace your future!!
The Vandermark Family
We love you Patrick!!!


Congratulations to St. Lawrence University’s Class of 2020! Wishing you all the best! You are and always will be Laurentians for Life! Welcome to the alumni family!
Madeleine Poole ‘13


Congratulations Class of 2020! We are proud of you for making it thus far. We wish you good health, happiness and all the best in your future endeavors.
Tsewang Lama ‘10


Congratulations on your graduation!! Best wishes to you all as you embark on your next adventures!
Joe and Sharon Wood


To the class of 2020 - We are forever awed by the strength of this amazing group of Laurentians. Hold your head high and take pride in all you have accomplished. We know you will achieve great things.
Congratulations Class of 2020 Saints and Bravo!
Alex and John Reynolds ‘88


Congrats, grad! You've worked so hard these past four years (maybe a little less, maybe a little more!). Regardless of your timeline, your origin story, your triumphs and your tribulations, you deserve to be here and you deserve to be celebrated - don't let this difficult time distract you from the wonderful memories, insane amount of work, and fabulous friendships forged. These will carry you into the 'real world' - whatever that means (we're all figuring it out!)- and follow you throughout your life. Wherever you go, you will always find a home with a fellow Laurentian. You entered university as presumably an entirely different person, and I hope you feel you've come closer to finding your place in this world, understanding who you are, and most certainly with the skills to achieve all of your dreams and make our planet a better place. A HUGE cheers to you, I wish you all the best!
Lexi Beckwith ‘14


CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2020, the Seniors of Delta, the girls from Stowe (Katelyn, Hannah and Natalie). Remember all the wonderful SLU memories, Raft Day, Titus, Tuesday Blues at the Hoot, and fun times at the Ticker. Always know you will have these lifelong memories and you will always be a SAINT!
Evie Dworetzky


We know that it's not exactly the graduation celebration that you always thought you would have, but it's certainly a memorable historical occasion (so make sure you create and preserve an archive of memories, right, History major Alex Whalen?). Don't let this situation diminish how hard you have worked and all of your accomplishments! Now go out there and change the world! Congratulations to Alexandra and the entire St Lawrence class of 2020! We are all so proud of you!
Deborah Whalen


Congratulations to the outstanding Class of 2020! You are now Laurentian’s For Life- a wonderful group all over the world. While this isn’t the senior year you wanted, you have weathered an unprecedented time. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your alum network. We welcome you and look forward to meeting you.
Barbara Wiederecht ‘77


FYP Cup Kickoff 2016

FYP Cup Kickoff 2016

Congratulations on graduating, and welcome to the best alumni network in the country! When you look back on your time at SLU, remember the laughs, your experiences, and most importantly, your friendships. We are all here for you and look forward to meeting you at Reunion and Homecoming. Here we go Saints!
Caitlin Wiederecht ‘15


Congratulations, Class of 2020!!! I know this is absolutely not how you envisioned the latter part of the spring semester of your senior year would go. Hopefully you each took something positive out of this terrible situation. One thing is for sure, Faculty and Staff at St. Lawrence will always remember the Class of 2020 fondly. You will occupy a special place in our hearts for all of those moments that we didn't get to share together in person, from our classroom discussions, to our advising sessions, to cheering for you at Spring sporting events, to Festival Day, to Moving Up Day, to Commencement in May. Give yourselves a pat on the back for adjusting to new learning and living circumstances and succeeding to complete your degrees.

A special shout out to my Neuroscience, Biology, and Psychology students. I wish you all the best wherever your next step takes you. Whether it is medical, nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant or graduate school, whether it is an industry job or a clinical research position, or whether you will be teaching or starting your own business, or anything else in between, know that you are leaving St. Lawrence armed with the tools necessary for success and that you are well prepared to meet any challenges head on. I look forward to seeing you and congratulating you in person, whenever the time comes. I also look forward to staying in touch with you and hearing your updates as you progress in your careers. I can't wait to one day have you back as a guest in my classroom to talk to current students about your career path.

Here's to you Class of 2020! Go forth and do great things!
Ana Estevez, Associate Professor of Biology and Psychology


Without the struggle, there is no strength – You can’t build strength without a little heavy lifting. Storms and tribulations will come; but you will come out the other side stronger and better than ever!! Remember, your value doesn’t decrease because someone else fails to see your worth – Your self-worth and value is defined by who you are as a person–your character traits, your unique personality, the things you are choosing to contribute to this world. Keep on keep'in on fabulous class of 2020……..Now go make your mark on the world!
Fuller & Jan Barnes ‘80


Congratulations to Matt Egbert and the graduating class of 2020. We could not be more proud of you! You provide hope and inspiration for a bright future ahead. You will change the world with your passion, your optimism and your profound concern for others. "Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you have always imagined." -William Joseph Slim
Mary Ellen, Peter & Emily Egbert


I have come to realize that these crazy, unprecedented times have been a perfect opportunity for all of us to dig deep and appreciate what we have. We have been reminded to live in the present moment since we are unable to plan for much more than the next day. We can choose to focus not on the loss of what might have been but on the specialness of what we have right here, right now. We can breathe in the fresh air. We can share some special moments with family, hiking a trail, playing a game or doing a puzzle. We can be grateful for our community as we have collectively come together to ensure that those less fortunate will see another sunrise.

While we won’t be in Canton in person to celebrate this wonderful group of students. We can and will celebrate their many achievements. And we can be confident that by enduring so much change over the last few months that they will be even better prepared for life.

I leave the class of 2020 with a Winston Churchill quote that has always inspired me…”Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Congrats to the Class of 2020! You are heroes!!!
Lynne Brown


To the class of 2020 - May you savor all of your SLU memories and know that you will gather together again as a class and it will be the most special and historic occasion of all time. You are so patient and brave to weather this setback and somehow this time apart will make your class stronger and each of you more aware of how much you love your school and your people. We have no doubt that you will celebrate together again...And again! Congratulations on all of your amazing accomplishments which are in no way diminished by this pandemic - you will only shine through even brighter!

With all of our best wishes to each one of you, the Benjes family
Lori and Bill Benjes


To the amazing, resilient Class of 2020! Cherish the incredible memories of the past four years! Have no regrets and only look forward. Go out into the world and make your mark. Be proud to be a Laurentian! Go Saints!
Lynne & Hank Wilson ‘89


Congratulations Class of 2020, you did it despite these strange times! Here’s wishing you all the very best for the future.
Frances and Martin Long


I wish you all have a splendid future! All of this will become your life assets for future challenges, and that only helps to build up your confidence and tenacious spirit!
Helen Huang


2016 Matriculation

2016 Matriculation

To Abbie Evans and the entire class of 2020! While these are challenging times for all of you, our present day circumstances do not diminish your incredible accomplishments. Long hours of studies, countless tests taken, papers written and yes... wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime. We are so very proud of all of you! From the entire Evans family... congratulations!!!
Rob and Maureen Evans


Congratulations to the St. Lawrence Class of 2020 from The Fisher Family in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Although this life chapter did not end as anticipated, let the memories, relationships, knowledge, and adventures you experienced live on. There will be many more life celebrations in the years ahead!
Chris and Allen Fisher


So excited for what comes next. Bobby and I are excited to have adult Ab out in the world. Can’t wait to find out where all three of us go from here.
Brian Evans


I think I mis understood the goal so you may choose not to use this video message and that's OK! I thought you wanted messages to the student directly, in this case Samantha Sambrook, so that is the video we filmed. You do not need to use this if in fact all of the messages will be more general. I'll include this one in our own message to Samantha, but since we filmed it, but only use it if it fits your goal. Thanks SLU team for making this happen, we look forward to seeing what you put together! See you on Sunday via Live-stream.
Bart and Susan Sambrook


The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. Class of 2020, Congratulations on successfully completing your degree program. To my beautiful daughter, Meca-Gaye Francis, and all other seniors, I am very proud of you all… Wishing you God's richest blessings. Continue taking steps to further your education, the sky is the limit!!!!
Andrea Thomas


Congratulations Augusta!
We hope that you enjoyed your years at SLU and we wish you the best for this new beginning.
Un abrazo de tus amigas,
Ana Garcia y Ana Hernandez ‘17


Savor these moments with friends and family
Susan Bishop