Crossing Boundaries Invites Applications for Digital Initiatives Faculty Fellowships (Fall 2014)

The Crossing Boundaries project proudly announces a new program to advance digital pedagogy, digital humanities, and related efforts on campus. The Digital Initiatives Faculty Fellowship Program is a partnership between Crossing Boundaries and Libraries and Information Technology (LIT), including Digital Initiatives, Educational Technology, and GIS.

Beginning this Fall, up to seven fellowships will be awarded to tenured and tenure-track faculty members. 

This program will provide a way for faculty members to begin exploring digital technologies without feeling the need to be so called experts at the start. The cohort of fellows will meet as a group throughout the Fall, occasionally in consultation with various technologies support staff in order to develop all lesson plans associated with faculty members’ digital course components. Partnerships established in the fall will continue into the next semester. Fellows will also work with the Crossing Boundaries associate program coordinator to create an entry on a shared digital showcase/portfolio web space, which will promote a culture of pedagogical exchange and collaboration.

Faculty members interested in participating in this program can apply by submitting a brief proposal (500-words) describing an idea for a course to take place in an upcoming semester. The proposal should give a strong sense of the course rationale, some portrait of the desired digital component, and an outline of the learning goals associated with that component. Once accepted into the program, fellows will be able to customize their ideas by working from list of digital pedagogy/digital humanities course component models that others have developed.

Each program participant will receive an honorarium of $1,250 in recognition of the commitment associated with taking part in this program, including the time commitment associated with the discussion/support group.

Proposals are due by 4 p.m. Friday, September 5.

The application form is available here:

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Matthew Lavin [] or Judith DeGroat [].