Digital Initiatives Faculty Fellowship | St. Lawrence University Mellon Humanities Grant

Digital Initiatives Faculty Fellowship

Six members of the St. Lawrence University faculty have been selected for the Fall 2016 cohort of Digital Initiatives Faculty Fellowships, a program designed to advance the use of digital tools and approaches in classroom settings. 

The faculty fellows include Matthew Carotenuto, associate professor of history and coordinator of African Studies; Jeff Frank, assistant professor of education; Evelyn Jennings, professor and associate dean for academic advising programs; Jeff Maynes, assistant professor of philosophy; Laura Rediehs, associate professor of philosophy; and Melissa Parm Schrems, associate professor of history and coordinator of Native American studies.

More than four times as many applications were received for this semester as were received for previous semesters, an increase that Leila Walker, assistant director of the Crossing Boundaries Mellon Humanities grant, attributes to a shift in the program’s emphasis to encourage digital newcomers. “This year, we plan to explore the fundamentals of the digital humanities in a welcoming seminar environment that will give our fellows the expertise and flexibility to develop digital pedagogies and research projects well after the program has ended.”

“The proposals put forward by these faculty members exemplify the program’s core values of innovative pedagogy, interdisciplinary research, and integrative learning,” Walker continued, “and we expect the fellows’ work in these areas will be a model for ongoing engagement with the digital humanities at St. Lawrence University.”

The Digital Initiatives Faculty Fellowship Program represents a partnership between the Crossing Boundaries Mellon Humanities grant and Libraries and Information Technology, including individuals from Digital Initiatives, the GIS program, and Educational Technologies. 

The program, now in its fifth semester, is designed as a way for faculty to experiment with digital tools such as interactive timelines, GIS web-based mapping and data visualizations without feeling like they had to possess individual expertise in these areas. Fellows will meet regularly as a cohort and individually with the appropriate digital partners to develop their ideas over the course of the semester.