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Statistics Major

Statistics Major (B.S.)

The requirements for a major in statistics are 11.5 units, including four required core mathematics courses, four required core statistics courses, either a 0.5 unit course in statistical computing or comparable introductory computer science course, two electives, and a senior year experience. Students considering graduate work in statistics are strongly encouraged to take Math 280 and Math 305 in addition to majoring in statistics.

Core Mathematics Courses (all required)

  • 135.   Calculus I.
  • 136.   Calculus II.
  • 205.   Multivariate Calculus.
  • 217.   Linear Algebra.

Core Statistics Courses (all required)

  • 113.   Applied Statistics.
  • 213.   Applied Regression Analysis.
  • 201.   Statistical Computing* (0.5 units).
  • 325.   Probability.
  • 326.   Mathematical Statistics.

Electives (any three units+)

  • Stat 240: Statistical Learning (0.5 units).
  • Stat 226: Statistical Methods for Data Collection.
  • Stat 250: Special Topics in Statistics.
  • Stat/Econ 342: Econometrics.
  • Stat 343: Time Series Analysis.
  • Stat 350: Special Topics in Statistics.
  • Stat 450: SYE Seminar.
  • Stat 489: SYE Independent Project.
  • Stat 498: SYE Honors Project.
  • Math 280. Bridge to Higher Mathematics.
  • Math 305: Real Analysis.
  • Math 350: Mathematical Modeling.
  • CS 219: Techniques in Computer Science.

Senior Year Experience

Students must fulfill a Senior-Year Experience (SYE) requirement either in statistics as one of the 11.5 units in the major or by completing a SYE outside the major.

* CS 140: Introduction to Computer Programming may be used as an alternative course that meets the computing requirement of the Statistics major.

+ At least two of the elective courses must be at the 300 level or above. Further, Math 280 can also count towards this total.  At least two of the elective courses must be listed with the prefix Stat. A Statistics SYE would count towards this total. 

If you are planning to major in Statistics without additionally majoring or minoring in Mathematics, this worksheet may be useful for planning purposes. Students planning to also major or minor in Mathematics should read the following section.

Statistics Major with a Mathematics Major or Minor

By their very nature, the disciplines of Mathematics and Statistics are closely connected, and several of the courses offered within our department can be used towards a major or minor in both. However, to ensure that students that wish to double major (or major and minor) in the two fields have sufficient depth of knowledge within each field, there are some limitations on the number of courses that can count to both.

  • Students wishing to declare majors in both Mathematics and Statistics need to meet the requirements for both majors and can apply only the core Mathematics courses required for the Statistics major (Calculus 1 to 3 and Linear Algebra) towards both majors for meeting these requirements. Students planning to do this should devise a plan in writing with their advisor before getting approval for the second major.
  • Students wishing to declare a major in Statistics and minor in Mathematicneed to meet the requirements for both the stat major and math minor and can apply only the core Math courses required for the Statistics major (Calculus 1 to 3 and Linear Algebra) towards meeting the requirements for both. Students planning to do this need to devise a plan in writing with their advisor before the department chair will approve the minor. This implies the Stat major will require an additional 7.5 units (beyond the Math core) and the Math minor an additional 3 (non-Statistics) units for a total of 14.5 units to complete the major and minor.

Worksheets to assist in the planning of a Statistics Major with Mathematics major/minor can be found at the bottom of the Mathematics Major description page.

Note: You cannot double major in Statistics and Math/Econ.