Senior Year Research Projects

The Senior Year Experience (SYE) is a required part of the programs in mathematics and computer science. This project can be either an independent research project with a faculty member or a specially designed senior seminar. 

Additional information about the Senior Year Experience is available for current students.

Titles of recent SYE research projects in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics appear below.

Benzing, Katelynn Noise and DNA Profiling Data Analysis
Brozowski, Lauren An Analysis of Penalty Biases called in the NHL in the Regular Season 2009-2010
Byer, Laura Numerical Linear Algebra
James Curro and Matthew Dodge Rock you like a... Statistician
Egeberg, Kaitlyn Automated Teller Machines: What's Made Public and What's Kept Private
Lawless, Anne Analyzing Exotic Amazonian Bird Foraging
Martin, Nicole Words of Today Compared to Terminology of Yesterday
Martin, Richard Android Development 101
McArdle, Caitlin A New Perspective on Likert Data
Meyer, Ryan Reliability of Missile Systems:An Application of Bayesian Statistics
Murshed, Waled Introduction to Survival Analysis
Mwenda, JeremyJava, XML, and Web Services for Small-ScaleWeb Application
Nguyen, Hau Bayesian vs. Frequentist Approaches to Modeling Seal Populations
Raley, Matt Modeling the Dow Jones Industrial Average Using Time Series Analysis
Rogers, Melissa How Do I Color Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Scott, Sean Infinity in Cantorian Set Theory
Sonenarong, Som Sir William Rowan Hamilton's Discovery of the Quaternions
VanderVoort, Lisa Evaluation of Estimators of Generalized Pareto Distribution
Winters, DanielDetecting Struggling Students Early Using Linear Regression
Yamanshi, Nobuhiku Fantasy Football Advanced Took Kit