Summer SLU Fellows and professors head to Los Alamos

Four SLU Fellows and two professors are off to present their research at Los Alamos National Labs in New Mexico. Pictured from left to right is Assistant Professor of Statistics Jessica Chapman, Chelsey Legacy, Sarah Koallick, Katie Abramski, Kathryn Christensen, and Assistant Professor of Statistics Ivan Ramler. The student projects are all co-sponsored with los Alamos National Labs.

Katherine Abramski '14; Oswego, N.Y., Mathematics
Improving the Statistical Method for Classifying Geomagnetic Storms
Faculty Mentor: Jessica Chapman

Chelsey Legacy '14; Burke, N.Y., Mathematics
Evaluating Recently Developed Plutonium Management Models for Use by the Los Alamos National Laboratory to Monitor the Stockpile
Faculty Mentor: Ivan Ramler

Sarah Koallick '14; Stratham, N.H., Computer Science
Integrating Software Tools for Experimental Designs with Pareto Fronts
Faculty Mentor: Ed Harcourt

Kathryn Christensen '14; Syracuse, N.Y., Mathematics and Economics
Predicting the Lifetime of Plutonium Fuel Cells for the Los Alamos National Laboratory