Faculty Publish Article on Liberal Arts Science Scholars Program | St. Lawrence University Math, Computer Science, and Statistics

Faculty Publish Article on Liberal Arts Science Scholars Program

Four St. Lawrence University faculty members published an article on the NSF-funded Liberal Arts Science Scholars Program in the journal Journal of STEM Education: Innovation and Research.

Lead author Jessica Chapman, associate professor of statistics and Grace J. Fippinger '48 Professor of Sciences, together with Adam Hill, associate professor of chemistry, Judith Nagel-Myers, associate professor of geology, and Ivan Ramler, associate professor of statistics, wrote their article, titled “The Liberal Arts Science Scholars Program: A Multidisciplinary Model for Supporting Science and Mathematics Students through the First Year.” The faculty focused on the five-year Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) award from the National Science Foundation to create the multidisciplinary Liberal Arts Science Scholars program, which makes a high quality science and mathematics education accessible to high achieving, Pell Grant eligible students by providing merit scholarships and specialized supports.

Their paper describes the first year of the Liberal Arts Science Scholars program and provides preliminary evidence for the program’s ability to serve as a model for improving the retention and academic success of low-income students in the natural, physical, and mathematical sciences. While the Liberal Arts Science Scholars Program was implemented at a small, private liberal arts university, the supports described could be adapted for use at any type of institution.

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