Majors Dinner Handout Spring 2014 | St. Lawrence University Math, Computer Science, and Statistics

Majors Dinner Handout Spring 2014

Information for Departmental Majors
Dept of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

Asian Buffet • January 28, 2014

The Math, CS, and Stats Faculty
Dr. Maegan Bos (Math), Dr. Jessica Chapman (Stats), Dr. Jim DeFranza (Math), Dr. Dante Giarrusso (Math), Dr. Ed Harcourt (CS), Dr. Choong-Soo Lee (CS),
Dr. Patti Frazer Lock (Math), Dr. Robin Lock (Stats),  Dr. Dan Look (Math), Dr. Duncan Melville (Math), Dr. Ivan Ramler (Math), Dr. Mike Schuckers (Stats), Dr. Lisa Torrey (CS), Dr. Sam Vandervelde (Math)

1.  Graduate School
            Graduate schools in Math, CS, and Statistics typically pay graduate students stipends of $12,000 to $25,000 with tuition covered as part of the deal.  We have excellent resources for you to use, such as lists of graduate assistant­ships, ranking of programs, etc. 
Application dead­lines range from December to March.   You should plan to take the GREs in the Fall of your senior year. If interested, please talk to your adviser.

2.  Senior Projects
            All Math and CS majors must complete a Senior Year Experience (SYE).  The Senior Project can be either independent research with a faculty member in the department or a special designated senior seminar.  It culminates in a research paper and a presentation, for example at HRUMC or the Festival of Science.  It can be completed in the Fall or Spring semester of your senior year, and it carries course credit.  If you plan to do an SYE next fall, you should sign up for it during course registration this semester.  (But there is no SYE Seminar offered this Fall.) For an independent study, the first step is to talk to faculty members in the depart­ment about doing an SYE.  We have good ideas for projects, and we are happy to listen to yours.  For the math major, if you complete an SYE in another depart­ment or as student teaching, you are not required to complete a math SYE.  For honors in your major, you need to complete an honors SYE and have a GPA in the major of 3.5 or higher.   

3.  Summer Research Opportunities
           St. Lawrence University:  SLU Fellows program provides $3500 and room and board for students to do research with a faculty member during the summer.  Research is expected to last around eight week, during June and July.  This year the deadline for applications is Monday, February 10, 2014. If interested please talk to a faculty member to design a research program.
            Off-campus:  There are a variety of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) summer programs and other summer programs.  Deadlines vary, usually mid-January to mid-March.  There are opportunities all over the country, at many different levels and specialties.  The stipend and timing is similar to that for SLU Fellows.  There are special programs in statistics, engineering, biomath, math of flight that includes flying lessons, etc.  There is also a four-week program specifically for females at the end of their first or second year.  For more information, check out Student Research at our department webpage and join us on facebook. (Visit the dept web site at and click on the facebook link.)

4.  Internship Opportunities
            Summer/January Internships:  there are a slew of internships available for students with a background in math, CS, or stats.  (Types of internships include finance, programming, actuarial, etc.)  Be aware that some are paid while others are not. For more infor­mation, go to the Career Planning Office or use Career SLUth off the SLU webpage. 

5. Hudson River Undergraduate Math Conference
            This year’s HRUMC will be at Marist College on Saturday, April 26th. We will organize vans and overnight accommodations that depart the day before. If you are doing a research project, you should plan on presenting a talk.  All other students are encouraged to attend for the experience.  The deadline for submitting an abstract to give a talk is Monday, March 10th.  You must have a faculty sponsor to give a talk.   

 6.  Festival of Science
            St. Lawrence’s annual Festival of Science is scheduled for Friday, May 2.  The Festival includes poster sessions and oral presentations on student research projects.  This is a great opportunity for seniors to present their work to the broader campus community and for underclass students to see what sorts of projects are going on in Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics.

7.  Q Club
            Join the Q Club, open to all faculty, students, and friends of the St. Lawrence Math, CS and Stats Dept.  News Flash: Q Club meets at a new time this year!  Join us Tuesdays in Val 205/206 from 11:50–12:30.  Our first event of the semester will be on Feb 4, featuring an entertaining look at the world’s most difficult elementary domino tiling problem.

8.  Majors/Minors Project Room and CS Labs
            Valentine 101 (next to the QRC) is reserved for majors and minors in the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics.  It is your room.  The room has a sofa, chairs, desks, tables, computers, and a printer.  It also has two display cases with lots of read­ing material about graduate schools, jobs, summer opportunities, etc.   
The computer labs in Bewkes 107, 109, and 144 are available for everyone to use. See Dr. Harcourt if you need your ID card activated for the labs.

9.  Pi Mu Epsilon
            Pi Mu Epsilon is the national mathematics honorary society.  Requirements vary depending on class year but include taking at least three math classes (two at the 200+level), having a strong GPA in those courses (3.75 for sophomores, 3.4 for juniors, and 3.14 for seniors) and a solid GPA overall.  Inductions are held each semester.