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Information for Students

Assembled here on this page are links to much of the information and forms needed to successfully complete your degree, arranged more or less in the order that you will need to consult it. Your departmental adviser can also answer questions and make suggestions as you put together your course of study at St. Lawrence. Finally, the student page at the Registrar's web site contains many other forms and useful information.

To begin, familiarize yourself with the degree requirements for your intended major or minor as you begin to map out your overall course of study as a sophomore.  Plan ahead to leave room to study math abroad in Budapest or to participate in one of the many other study abroad programs offered through St. Lawrence University.  All required courses are offered every year, but not necessarily every semester, so plan ahead and check with your adviser as you consider these options.

Sophomores and juniors especially are urged to take advantage of the many summer programs and internships available for students with a background in math, computer science, or statistics.  Note that the deadlines for applying to these programs are often in January and February, although some can be even earlier.  It's a good idea to find out about programs that might interest you during the fall semester.

All majors are required to complete a Senior Year Experience (SYE) their senior year, either through this department or another.  There are a variety of ways to fulfill this requirement, so read the guidelines carefully, preferably during the spring of your junior year.