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Q-Club: Using Your Smartphone to Control an RC Car

4/8/14 11:45am to 12:30pm

 Title: Using Your Smartphone to Control a RC Car Abstract:   Computers have seen innumerable advancements over the years, the most noticeable of which being a dramatic increase in power, somewhat paradoxically paired with an equally dramatic reduction in size. The Raspberry Pi mini-computer allows us to hold the power of a desktop quite literally in the palm of our hands. The power, size, and affordability of the Raspberry Pi make it ideal for use in small electronics projects with a “DIY” flavor.   Using a bit of engineering, we were able to take advantage of the Pi’s power and size to directly attach it to a RC car. This allowed us to have easy access to the car’s motor and steering functions. We then used Python and the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to implement a client/server architecture through which we remotely controlled the car using an Android smartphone.