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Q-Club Meeting 4/11/17

4/6/17 8:45am to 4/11/17 12:30pm

Madison Rusch and Haley Taylor
Title: Women in Cybersecurity Conference

The Women in Cybersecurity Conference is a conference which aims to recruit, retain and advance women in the field of cybersecurity. With that goal in mind, they offer scholarships to undergraduate scholars so that students who might otherwise be unable to go to the conference have the opportunity to attend. This year, Madison Rusch and Haley Taylor, seniors in the Computer Science department, both received scholarships that allowed them to travel to Tucson, Arizona and participate in this year’s conference. They listened to keynote speakers, took part in technical presentations, and attended a Career Fair during their time at the conference. Come hear them talk about the process of applying for the scholarship, their time at the conference, and what they enjoyed most at this week’s Q-Club!