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Online Mental Health Screening

The online screenings are a quick and easy way to determine if you or a loved may need help from a mental health professional.  The program is anonymous and confidential.   Screenings are available for conditions such as depression, generalized anxiety disorder, alcohol/substance use disorder, PTSD, eating disorders and more.

It's normal to feel sad or anxious at times, but when those feelings persist or make you feel overwhelmed, help is available. 

Many common mental health disorders are treatable, but go undiagnosed, including depression; generalized anxiety disorder; bipolar disorder; post-traumatic stress disorder; alcohol and substance use disorders; and eating disorders.

All regular full-time and part-time employees and their dependents may use services available through the EAP at no cost.  The primary function of the EAP is to provide confidential mental health counseling to employees and their dependent family members.  Each year, the program offers three confidential counseling sessions with a mental health professional, for free.  

Click on the URL below to view the screening itself. This is the URL that you should promote on your website. You will notice the fully responsive mobile design.