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Special Collections

Prism Newsletter Records

North Country Prism is a Canton-based organization advocating for the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender community in Northern New York.  The organization formed in the early 1990s and produces a monthly newsletter, Prism.  The group’s website describes North Country Prism as a member organization for LGBT people that meets monthly and provides community members with a place to meet, communicate and promote self-identity and awareness.  It notes that meetings of the group are confidential.

Akwesasne Contemporary Issues Resource Collection

This collection contains information about the contemporary issues of the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory. There are a variety of pamphlets, informational packets, articles, newsletters, newspapers and handouts all with information that pertains to the Mohawk reservation. The issues these resources cover span from environmental initiatives to public school education to the annual powwow.

Stereoscopic Views of a moose hunt

The collection consists of eight stereoscopic  photo cards depicting activities related to a moose hunt by members of the Oh You! Scraggy Club in 1910.  None of the people in the photos are identified but five of the three-dimensional images have some writing on the back.  The collection also includes a viewer for the images called a Holmes stereoscope.

J. M. Payson Story of a North Country Town Manuscripts

Dr. James M. Payson was a founding faculty member of the State School of Agriculture, which was founded in 1907 at St. Lawrence University.  He was born in South Freedom, Maine in 1848.  He was educated in Maine and began a teaching career there until coming to Canton to enroll in the Universalist Theological School here.  He married Flora Bassett just before graduating in 1874.  He then spent 19 years as a minister in Sherman, New York, Minnesota and Wisconsin until returning to Canton to serve as pastor of the Universalist Church.  Upon the founding of the Ag school, Dr.

Van Horne St. Lawrence County Postcards Collection

The collection consists of approximately 450 photographic postcards and lithograph images dating from before the turn of the 20th century to the 1960s.  The cards are kept in three different binders with two of the binders containing mostly postcards of scenes, landmarks and streets of towns other than Canton.  The third binder is almost exclusively postcards of the town and village of Canton.  One of the binders contains a series of photos from “War Maneuvers” that were staged in St. Lawrence County in 1940.  Many of the post cards were produced by D. P.

Clark Family Papers

The Clark family has North Country roots that go back to Edwin Clark, who settled in the then village of Ogdensburgh in 1820.  His wife, Sarah Hasbrouck Clark, was the daughter of Louis Hasbrouck, one of the founders of the village and the first clerk of St.

J. Moreau Brown Bicentennial Records Collection

J. Moreau Brown was a member of the Executive Committee of the New York State American Revolution Bicentennial Commission and a vice chairman of the Bicentennial Council of the Thirteen Original States; two of the dozens of organizations formed to plan and implement appropriate events for the celebration of the nations 200th birthday in 1976.  He had served earlier in his career as Director of Admissions for St. Lawrence University, as well as in positions at New York University and General Electric.

Women Together

Women Together: The Journal of North Country Women was a bi-monthly, then quarterly, then bi-annual, newsletter for women in northern New York produced by a group of women who referred to themselves as North Country Women or The North Country Women’s Collective. North Country Women began meeting as a group in 1974 to discuss feminism and raise consciousness. The Women Together newsletter was born from these meetings and discussions as a tool to circulate ideas and increase consciousness.


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