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Applied Regression Analysis

A continuation of Statistics 113 intended for students in the physical, social or behavioral sciences. Topics include simple and multiple linear regression, model diagnostics and testing, residual analysis, transformations, indicator variables, variable selection techniques, logistic regression, and analysis of variance. Most methods assume use of a statistical computing package. Prerequisite: STAT 113 or ECON 200 or permission of instructor.


arXiv is an open-access archive created and maintained by Cornell University for scholarly articles in the sciences and economics.

Multivariable Calculus

This course extends the fundamental concepts and applications of calculus, such as differentiation, integration, graphical analysis and optimization, to functions of several variables. Additional topics include the gradient vector, parametric equations and series. Prerequisite: MATH 136 or the equivalent.

Calculus I

The study of differential calculus. The focus is on understanding derivatives as a rate of change. Students also develop a deeper understanding of functions and how they are used in modeling natural phenomena. Topics include limits; continuity and differentiability; derivatives; graphing and optimization problems; and a wide variety of applications.