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Current magazine article on low-altitude flights by the U. S. Air Force

COLAF was a social action group formed by private citizens in St Lawrence County, NY in January of 1989 in response to proposals made by the Strategic Air Command (SAC) to use the airspace above St. Lawrence County as a Low Altitude Flight training grounds. The plan was for B-52 bombers and FB-111 fighter-bombers to cross the Adirondacks and enter St.

Community Energy Services was registered with the New York State Department of State in August of 2000 following a series of meetings led by the St. Lawrence County Planning Office.

From 2001 to 2010, CES sought to reduce energy usage in North Country buildings and lower energy costs for residents, homeowners and public entities, with an emphasis on low to moderate income households.

Advertisement for Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills

The Comstock Patent Medicine Company was located in Morristown, St. Lawrence County, N.Y. The collection consists of a printed history of the company by Robert B. Shaw, four metal plates used to print labels for the medicines, and a container of pills sold by a competitor of the company.

Courtland Smithers was born March 20, 1881 in Oswegatchie and moved to Heuvelton with his family in 1888 where he remained for the rest of his life. He worked in the family grocery and bakery store. In later years he went into the coal business, the poultry business and finally a prominent milk dairy farmer from 1916-1946.

Advertisement for the Cranberry Lake Inn

Cranberry Lake is part of the network of lakes and ponds, connected by streams and canoe-carry trails, which stretch across the central and western plateau of the Adirondacks known as the Lake Region. Cranberry is the third largest body of water in the Adirondack Park; it was nearly doubled in size by the completion of a dam in the spring of 1867.

Transcript of a letter from Julius Crossman to his wife while in Fairfax Hospital, March 1863

Julius and Marcus Crossman were residents of Pierrepont, NY during the outbreak of the Civil War. Both men enlisted on Aug. 29, 1862 into the 142nd Regiment of the New York State Volunteer Army. Both brothers were stationed all over the state of Virginia during their duty, along with other men from Pierrepont. Julius died of typhoid fever in 1863 while in military service.

Sample of Cuneiform writing

Cuneiform is one of the earliest forms of writing, appearing in the Middle East around 3000 BCE. Symbols were impressed into clay tablets using a stylus. Many forms of cuneiform were developed by a number of cultures over approximately three millennia, until other forms of writing came into use.

Striking dairy farmers in Heuvelton, New York

Archie Wright was born July 25, 1891 in Westville, New York and died December 24, 1967 in Ogdensburg, N.Y. He attended Ogdensburg Free Academy. He served as president of the Farmers Union of the New York Milkshed from its beginnings in 1941 until his resignation on January 1, 1957. Before that he was the President of the Dairy Farmers Union of the State of N.Y. during the 1930's. Mr.

1879 letter from the Doolittle Weeks Collection

Lelon Ansil Doolittle was born July 22, 1853 in Russell, St. Lawrence County, NY. He was educated in Russell, St. Lawrence University Class of 1875 and at the University of Wisconsin where he studied law. Lelon died in July 1930 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Betsey (Bessie) Adams Weeks was born April 20, 1851 in Vermont, she was educated in Rutland, Vermont and St.

Photograph of Douglas Black with Dwight D. Eisenhower

Douglas M. Black was president of Doubleday and Co., publishers of Dwight D. Eisenhower's Crusade in Europe. The collection consists of correspondence covering the postwar period and largely concerns Eisenhower's publications with Doubleday. Also includes social correspondence from Mamie. Finding aid available at repository.