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Database Selection for Biologists

Choosing the best database to search is often a challenge. This guide offers a set of questions to consider when choosing which databases to search.

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Finding Books

But I'm Not a Bibliographer...

Help with the Nuts and Bolts (Nodes and Bar Codes?) of Research

Finding Books

Evaluating Resources

When looking at scholarly and popular articles, the are a number of factors to consider:

Government - Research Resources

Government Documents at the SLU Libraries

The St. Lawrence University Libraries are a Selective Federal Depository Library, and as such serves to provide access to and services for the Federal Depository Library program as required by 44 U.S.C. 19.

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Back to the Land Research Resources

The St. Lawrence University Libraries hold a rich collection of resources related to the back to the land movement in the St. Lawrence Valley.   The following is a brief list of collection highlights from our Special Collections and Digital Collections.

Back to the Land Research Collection