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Brown, Larry.  Facing the Music from Facing the Music.  New York : Perennial, 1989, Pg. 1-9.


The mission of the St. Lawrence University Music Library is to support the educational, research, and performance needs of the music department as well as the liberal arts curriculum of the entire college community.


Located inside the Arts Annex (music and performing arts theme house), 21 Romoda Drive



The student who is qualified for this position must have good communication, time management, word processing, and computing abilities. Basic computer skills are essential as well as some familiarity with the audio visual technology used by the music department. A general knowledge of how ODY’s online catalog works, as well as an understanding of the specific nature of sound recording and music score classification is helpful. The Music Library assistant must work well with the public and be willing and able to communicate effectively with other students and staff.

Course Code: 
MUS 3012-01
Michael Farley
Shipley, Jesse Weaver.  The Executioner's Words from Living the Hiplife: Celebrated Entrepreneurship in Ghanaian Popular Music.  Chapel Hill : Duke University Press, 2013, Pgs. 108-133, 293-295.
Course Code: 
PHYS 120
MUS 120
Catherine Jahncke
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A multi-disciplinary full text database containing full text for more than 8,750 journals including more than 7,800 peer-reviewed titles.

Brief Description: 

Archives of science, social science, & humanities journals. Generally does NOT include the most recent 3-5 years