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TimelineJS Assignment for Anthropologists

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Help with your timeline - Eric W-B

Resources for Finding Images

  • The library also had an extensive collection of book (and eBooks) with biographical information on anthropologists.  An example of an excellent digital biographical dictionary is:
    Matthew, H. C. G., Brian Howard Harrison, British Academy, and Oxford University Press 2015 Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Online ed. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press.

TimelineJS Tips and Tricks (more can be found here)

  • To show only the year or only the month and year for an event on your timeline:
    If you’re using the TimelineJS Google spreadsheet template, first make sure the cell you want to modify is set to Plain Text — "Format > Number > Plain Text.” Then simply enter the year (e.g. 1994) or month and year (e.g. 7/1979).
  • To Add BCE/BC dates:  
    You can add B.C. dates by using negative years. For example, -100 would be 100 B.C. Be sure to change the formatting of the cell you want to modify to Plain Text — "Format > Number > Plain Text".

Adding your timeline to Sakai:

  • Consider adding just the URL part of the <iframe> link supplied by TimelineJS:

for example  <iframe src='' width='100%' height='650' frameborder='0'>