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Finding Books

Finding Books

But I'm Not a Bibliographer...

Help with the Nuts and Bolts (Nodes and Bar Codes?) of Research

You hear: "For this assignment you need to get over to the library and find an appropriate book."

You ask yourself: "How do I find a book?"

Short Answer: The SLU Libraries' web site is the access point to the book collection, and this collection is housed in the Owen D. Young and Launders Science Libraries. Under the xxx heading on the library web site, you'll see a search box for ODYsseus. This is the name of our catalog, and you can search for anauthor, a title, or do a word or phrase search (in the illustration the phrase searched was "small things"). When you do this search you'll get a list of citations for books in our collection.

In practice: Once you have found a title you'd like to read, you'll click on a link that opens a citation that looks like this-


For finding the books the key is the highlighted area. This shows you where the book is and whether it can be checked out. AVAILABLE means the book is on the shelves. Note that the record tells you which library the books is in, where the book is shelved, and provides the call number. There is no need to know what the call number designates; it is a letter number combination in a sequence, read right to left.

Most of the books that can be check out are on the second floor of ODY, or in the Launders Science Library, which is in Madill Hall. In ODY, the call number range is-

Libraries require a little time to get to know them-if you are not sure how to find a book you want be sure to ask one of the librarians in either ODY or Launders. You can also send questions electronically by clicking through the "Get Help" icon on the SLU Libraries web site.