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Print, Copy, Scan

One of several ODY Public Printing Stations

Faculty, staff and students can print, scan and copy at a number of copiers in the libraries and on campus. These copiers are dubbed 'Public Printing Stations' as they all are capable of releasing print jobs sent to our 'Public Printing' queue. To configure your computer to print to 'SLU_Public_Printing,' visit

How it works
A user prints to the 'SLU_Public_Printing' queue. The document is sent to a printing server where it resides until that user swipes their SLU ID card at one of the Public Printing Stations on campus. This ensures users get the document they need, when they need it, from a location nearest them.

What it costs
Students receive an 800 sheet quota per academic year. After a student exceeds their 800 sheet quota, they are charged $0.06 per sheet.  Color printing costs $0.15 per page and must be sent to the SLU_Public_Printing_Color Queue.  This can be done at any St. Lawrence Computer or by logging in to  

Color Printing

Faculty, staff and students can print in color by printing to the SLU_Public_Printing_Color queue from ODY computer labs and releasing the documents at the color copier next to the ODY IT HelpDesk. As this is a SLU Public Printing station, all terms and conditions apply.

Large format color printing is also available (by request) in ODY library.