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Special Collections

This area contains 200 manuscript collections, comprising nearly 1800 linear feet of material, plus a number of individual manuscript items. Each of these collections is described in brief on ODYsseus the Libraries’ online catalog. Additionally, many have detailed finding aids, searchable here. Others will be added to this list as they are completed. If you find you have questions about the collections after you have read the catalog entries or finding aids, please contact us.

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  • Collection Number: 211
    Collection Length: 1.00ft
    Period: 1903 to 1916
    Advertsement for Evans Bob-sleigh

    Biographical Note:

    The Evans Manufacturing Company was founded in the St. Lawrence County town of Hammond, New York in 1903. The business primary dealt in farming implements like plows and disc harrows. Other items made included milk sleds and bob sleighs. The principals of the firm were W. D. and B. A. Evans. The Evans Manufacturing company did business in many areas of the country.


    Scope and Content:

    Finding Aid: PDF icon mss211fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 35
    Collection Length: 3.00ft
    Period: 1839 to 1964
    Portrait of General Leonard Covington

    Fort Covington was erected from Constable, February 28, 1817, and in the formation of Bombay, reduced to its present limits. Its name is derived from Brig. Gen. Leonard Covington of Maryland who died near Cornwall and was buried on Covington Hill in 1813. The village is east of Salmon River, half a mile from the boundary of the St. Lawrence River.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS35fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 36
    Collection Length: 0.25ft
    Period: 1984 to 1985
    Early photograph of Pine Camp, later, Fort Drum

    Fort Drum has been used as a military training site since 1908 when it was known as Pine Camp. The first major expansion of Pine Camp came with the outbreak of WWII. Pine Camp became Camp Drum in 1951, named after Lt. Gen. Hugh A. Drum who commanded the First Army during World War II. The post was designated Fort Drum in 1974 and a permanent garrison was assigned. In April 1980, B. Company, 76th Engineer Battalion was reassigned here from Fort Meade, Md. On September 11, 1984 it was announced that Fort Drum would become the new home of the 10th Light Infantry Division.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS36fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 201
    Collection Length: 3.00ft
    Red Grandy with camera


    Finding Aid: PDF icon mss201fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 9
    Collection Length: 1.25ft
    Period: 1852 to 1963
    Portrait of Francis Kip

    Francis (Frank) Everington Kip was born October 10, 1835 in Watertown, New York. Frank was one of the many men to go to California in search of gold (1852-1856). Frank Kip joined the 11th New York Cavalry and was killed (April 18, 1865) during the last few days of the Civil War in Germantown. The collection consists primarily of correspondence between Frank Kip and his family while he was in California searching for gold. Also included are deeds, wills, abstracts, photographs, a diary, and genealogical information on the Kip family (Hendrik, Albert P., Henry deValcourt, and Benjamin).

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS9fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 59
    Collection Length: 5.00ft
    Period: 1883 to 1960
    Nathan Frank's and Son's store in Ogdensburg

    The Frank family was a prominent Ogdensburg, New York family active in business and civic life for over 100 years. Julius Frank was mayor, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS59fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 63
    Collection Length: 1.25ft
    Period: 1897 to 1964
    Photograph of Edwin Arlington Robinson

    Edwin Arlington Robinson, American poet, was born December 22, 1869 at Head Tide, Maine and died in New York City, April 6, 1935. He was educated at local schools and attended Harvard University 1891-1893 leaving after his sophomore year; he never married. He moved to New York City in 1895. Theodore Roosevelt helped him get a clerkship in the New York Customs House where he worked until 1910. Robinson won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry three times in the 1920's. The collection was donated by Frank P. Piskor - President of St. Lawrence University from 1969-1981.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS63fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 62
    Collection Length: 12.00ft
    Period: 1874
    Photo of Robert Frost in the 1950s

    Frank Peter Piskor, former president of St. Lawrence University, first met Robert Frost at the Bread Loaf School of English while Dr. Piskor was a student at Middlebury College in the mid-1930s. He collected materials by and about Frost in a variety of formats. The collection consists of correspondence, newspaper and periodical articles, manuscripts, poems written by other poets on the occasion of Frost's death, stamps, medals, photographs, drawings, phonorecords, audio- and videotapes relating to Robert Frost and his family and to his friends Philip Booth and Edward Thomas.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS62fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 105
    Collection Length: 0.50ft
    Period: 1829
    Franklin County House of History in Malone

    Franklin County is the most northern county of New York State and became a county March 11, 1808. Franklin county is bordered on the north by Canada, on the south by Essex and Hamilton Counties, on the east by Clinton County and on the west by St. Lawrence County. The county has approximately 21 villages and towns with the county seat in Malone. The collection consists of photobook of Loon Lake House, booklets, flyers, and programs on various functions in the county, and a copy of an 1831 newspaper "The Northern Spectator".

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS105fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 8
    Collection Length: 26.00ft
    Period: 1874 to 1930
    Portrait of Frederic Remington

    Frederic Remington was born October 4, 1861 in Canton, New York. He was educated at the Vermont Episcopal Institute and attended Yale University. He worked as a cowboy, scout, and ran a sheep and mule ranch in the west. He married Eva Caten on October 1, 1884. Remington was a painter, sculptor and illustrator of Indians, cowboys and the American soldier at war. His travels took him to Germany, Russia, North Africa, Cuba and all over North America. Frederic Remington died December 26, 1909 in New Rochelle, New York from peritonitis following an appendectomy.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS8fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 34
    Collection Length: 0.25ft
    Period: 1793 to 1957

    Emigres by the tens of thousands, men and women of the court, noblemen, army and naval officers, priests, and loyalists were among the French who fled to this country when their lives were threatened by the Revolution and Napoleon. They settled in northern and central New York, Pennsylvania as well as various other parts of the United States. Azilum was the French Refugee Colony in Pennsylvania that was planned as a refuge for Queen Marie Antoinette and Royalist fugitives from Revolutionary Paris. Azilum was deserted when Napoleon offered the emigres full amnesty in 1803.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon mss34fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 176
    Collection Length: 3.00ft
    Period: 1996 to 2011
    GardenShare Local Harvest Dinner

    This collection contains selected records of the anti-hunger organization GardenShare. The records include administrative files spanning the years 1996-2011. These files include GardenShare’s bylaws, incorporation papers, records of fund raising, annual dinners, awards, workshops, newsletters, finances, recruitment, food pantries the organization worked with and various other information.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS176fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 111
    Collection Length: 1.00ft
    Period: 1886 to 1968
    Portrait of General Harry K. Rutherford

    1883-1964 Army General and native of Waddington, N.Y. Graduate of West Point and Harvard, had administrative positions during WW I and worked in the War Dept. in Washington D.C. during WW II. The collection consists of family & military photos, yearbook of West Point (1907) & twenty-year book of West Point (1927); West Point by John Crane & James F. Kieley, as well as flags, medals and his sword.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS111fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 23
    Collection Length: 17.00ft
    Period: 1825 to 1850

    George Redington, lawyer, land speculator and lumber entrepreneur was born November 23, 1798 in Vergennes, Vermont. His family moved to Madrid, New York in 1799. He was educated at the St. Lawrence Academy and taught school in Montreal from 1816-1819. He returned to Waddington to study law and was admitted into the bar in 1823.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS23fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 15
    Collection Length: 0.25ft
    Period: 1899 to 1978

    George Roland Malby was born in Canton, St. Lawrence County, N.Y., September 16, 1857; attended Canton Union School and St. Lawrence University; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1881 and commenced the practice of law in Ogdensburg, New York. He became a member of the State assembly from 1890-1895 and served in the State senate from 1895 until 1907. In 1907 he was elected as a Republican to the Sixtieth, Sixty-first, and Sixty-second Congresses and served until his death July 5, 1912 in New York City.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS15fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 66
    Collection Length: 0.25ft
    Period: 1862 to 1864
    Letter written by George Newbury, May 31 1864

    George O. Newbury was raised by the Pike family at their farm in Cornish, Maine. He was mortally wounded at Bermuda Head during the Civil War and died in June of 1864 at Hampton Hospital, Fort Munroe, Virginia. The letters were donated by William A. Hunt (Professor of History at St. Lawrence University) in memory of his mother Agnes Snow Hunt a direct descendant of the Pike family. The collection consists of letters written by George Newbury to the Pike family while he was serving with the 9th Regiment - Maine Volunteers during the Civil War.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS66fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 137
    Collection Length: 0.50ft
    Period: 1862 to 1923

    George S. Parsons (1843-1927) was a lifelong resident of Gouverneur, NY who served in the 1st U. S. Volunteer Calvary from 1861-1862. After his service in this company Mr. Parsons joined the 11th N. Y. Calvary as part of "Scott's 900" and served from 1863-1865. Mr. Parsons served his country until sometime between July 12, 1863 and Aug. 26, 1863 when he was injured during a training exercise. This collection contains 43 letters (original and two transcript copies). The letters date from Sept. 14,1862 to Feb.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS137fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 92
    Collection Length: 0.50ft
    Period: 1909 to 1949
    Gertrude Richardson and a friend at the 1911 Canton Fair

    The Richardson family came to the Brick Chapel area of Canton, St. Lawrence County, New York in 1805 from Vermont. Gertrude Richardson was born October 27, 1855. Shirley Claus was also from Canton, birth date unknown. The collection consists of the diaries of Gertrude Richardson from 1909-1942 (missing are 1910, 1927, 1933 and 1935) and the diaries of Shirley Claus 1932-1940 and 1949. Also included are a few photographs and a short biography of the Richardson family.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS92fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 78
    Collection Length: 5.00ft
    Period: 1774 to 1992
    Title page from the book The Giffin Family

    Genealogical collection on the Giffin family consisting of photos, diaries, correspondence, clippings, and publications (paper and microfilm) assembled by Florence Giffin Martin Johnson and Mary Giffin Strange. Includes material on Preston King, Doane family and Pemberton Johnson.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS78fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 125
    Collection Length: 0.50ft
    Period: 1862 to 1870
    Letter written by George Graves during the Civil War

    George K. and Fayette D. Graves, brothers from Rensselaer Falls NY, were the sons of James and Catherine Graves. George, born in 1842, served as a private in company G of the 142nd infantry division NYS volunteers. He was wounded in 1864, yet he continued to serve until the war was over in 1865. He died in 1916.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS125fa_2.pdf
  • Collection Number: 190
    Collection Length: 0.50ft

    This collection contains signatures, letter and images of several notable Americans of the 19th and early 20th century.  Many of the items are marked “presented by H. B. Taylor”, although we have no information on who Mr. Taylor was.  The collection also includes a document signed by Louis XVI, king of France.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon mss190fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 160
    Collection Length: 0.75ft
    H. J. Phelps diaries

    This collection consists of photographs, photo albums and diaries belonging to a Mrs. H.J. Phelps from Newton Center, MA. The diary entries chronicle the every day happenings in Mrs. Phleps' life. The majority of the photos are both dated and described. One of the photograph albums consists entirely of formal portrait photos while the other album is of candid and landscape shots. An undated, but quite old, copy of the King James Bible is also part of the collection.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS160fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 217
    Collection Length: 0.25ft
    Period: 1878 to 1894


    The Hallen family spent at least a portion of their lives in Waddington, NY. The principal character in the collection Maggie Hallen, who worked as a dress maker/seamstress in Waddington in the 1880s and 90s. Other members of the family during the time of the letters hail from Alexandria Bay and Binghamton, New York and Bluffton, Indiana. Maggie Hallen’s father, James Hallen served as town of Waddington Tax Collector in the late 1870s.


    Scope and Content

    Finding Aid: PDF icon mss217fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 212
    Collection Length: 2.00ft
    Period: 1914 to 1965

    Biographical Harland R. (Fred) Horton (1886-1975) owned his own surveying business, working out of his home office in Massena, NY. Much of his work was done in the Massena, Lousiville, Norfolk area of St. Lawrence County as well as areas of eastern Franklin County.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon mss212fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 174
    Collection Length: 0.25ft
    Henry D. Payne on horseback

    Dr. Henry D. Payne was born in Deapuville, New York, July 15, 1837. Dr. Payne served as a lieutenant in the Tenth New York Heavy Artillery during the Civil War and received an honorable discharge. Following his military service, Payne secured an apprenticeship with a local dentist in Watertown, later establishing his own successful practice.
    Dr. Payne died in 1916.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS174fa_0.pdf
  • Collection Number: 20
    Collection Length: 0.50ft
    Period: 1776 to 1918
    Portrait of Henry Hunn Thompson

    Henry Hunn Thompson was born in Pompey, NY in 1824 and died in Passaic, NJ in 1918. He was educated at Hamilton College in New York. In 1863 he was appointed chief clerk in the office of the U.S. Treasury, while serving in this office he witnessed the shooting of Abraham Lincoln. At the close of the Civil War, Thompson resigned his treasury office and organized a National Bank in N.C. In 1877 he became cashier of the Erie Railroad and later became a cashier at the People's Bank and Trust Company of Passaic, NJ where he remained until his death.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS20fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 72
    Collection Length: 1.00ft
    Period: 1880 to 1978
    Emily Eaton Hepburn in cap and gown

    A. Barton Hepburn was born July 24, 1846 in Colton, New York and died January 25, 1922 in New York City after being struck by a bus. He was educated in Colton, St. Lawrence Academy in Potsdam, and Middlebury College in Vermont. He was a lawyer, legislator, head of the Railway Committee of 1879, served as Superintendent to the Banking Department of the State of New York, US Bank Examiner, Comptroller of Currency, and with Chase National. He was benefactor to Hepburn Hospital in Ogdensburg, New York and six libraries in St. Lawrence County, New York all which are named for him.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS72fa_0.pdf
  • Collection Number: 145
    Collection Length: 2.00ft
    Period: 1830 to 1910
    Letter written in 1842 by a member of the Hernandez family.

    Charles (Carlos) Hernández was the head of a large family that emigrated from Cuba to New York in the early to mid 1800's. After living for a time in New York City, they settled in Grand View-on-Hudson, in Rockland County, NY. Hernandez was a merchant for several decades and much of the correspondence consists of letters from his agent in Havana, Antonio Gonzalez de Mendoza, regarding financial matters.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS145fa.pdf
  • Collection Number: 110
    Collection Length: 1.25ft
    Period: 1881 to 1910
    Corintha Hall diary of 1899-1900

    Hezekiah and Corintha Hall were residents of Norwood, New York. H.B. Hall died in 1895 at the age of 80. Corintha Hall died in 1940 at the age of 93. Corintha Yale Hall was H.B. Hall’s 4th wife. This collection contains two diaries, an expense book and an account book kept by Hezekiah B. Hall and three diaries and an expense book kept by Corintha Hall. H.B Hall’s diaries contain entries running consecutively from April 1881 through November 1894, while Corintha Hall’s diaries contain daily entries between February 1897 and March 1904. Both Mr. and Mrs.

    Finding Aid: PDF icon MSS110fa_1.pdf
  • Collection Number: 116
    Collection Length: 0.25ft
    Period: 1843 to 1860
    July 10, 1851 journal entry by Hiram Herrings

    Diary/journal kept by Hiram Herring in Rodman, Jefferson County, N.Y. from 1843-1860.