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Women Together

Women Together

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1977 to 1981
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Opening of Canton Women's Shelter in 1979

Women Together: The Journal of North Country Women was a bi-monthly, then quarterly, then bi-annual, newsletter for women in northern New York produced by a group of women who referred to themselves as North Country Women or The North Country Women’s Collective. North Country Women began meeting as a group in 1974 to discuss feminism and raise consciousness. The Women Together newsletter was born from these meetings and discussions as a tool to circulate ideas and increase consciousness.

In addition to the newsletter, North Country Women was also involved with the founding of the North Country Women’s Center in 1977, which transitioned into a Women’s Shelter in 1979. The Women’s Center and Shelter project are frequently featured in Women Together.

The newsletter experienced financial challenges throughout most of its existence. Readership came from mainly Northern New York women, however, letters within the collection indicate readers from Pennsylvania and even as far away as California.